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52 Method On how to get quick CPA Approval

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Godwin, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Godwin

    Godwin Guest

    Some of the guys here still facing some issue for account approval on CPA networks. These were the question I answered 3 years ago when I first applied on these 2 main affiliate networks.
    For Maxbounty and Peerfly these are the questions your AM will ask :

    - What vertical you willing to work?

    Reply him “I’m majorly focusing on health and weight loss related offers and I might work for trending offers like hooba , booking etc as well in future”

    - How long you’ve been doing affiliate marketing?

    Reply him “I’ve been doing affiliate marketing from last 1 year and generated good bit of sales on clickbank , clicksure and cpa networks like wowtrk as well.” (They need experienced people who have got little bit of information in 95% cases they won’t ask you for payment proofs if you answer it with confidence)

    - How you will promote the offers? Will you use your own landing?

    Reply him “It depends on the offer whether the offer allows direct landing or a pre-landing approval. I can create a good converting lander on clickfunnels and have good bit of information about direct linking and how to be remain complaint at all times”.

    - Can you name some health related offers you looking to promote straight away?

    Reply him “I’m looking to promote offers for garcinia , Safflower and bodybuilding related offers”

    - What traffic method you’ll use to promote?

    - Reply him “I will drive mostly search traffic from bing , gemini and adwords. I’ve good amount of experience in media buying and knows all good about how to be complaint with search advertising networks.”

    - How would you like to get contacted if we see some issues with leads?

    - Reply “I’m always available on skype . I’ve sent you a request to add please add me and I will be in touch with you.”

    I hope it helps

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