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Computer Hacking For Beginners

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Abah Moses, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    What is computer hacking?
    In a cybersecurity world, the person who is able detect weakness in a system and succeeded utilize it to perform its Aim referred to as a Hacker, and the process referred to like Hacking.

    Now one day people started Think hacking is only hijacking Facebook accounts or defacing websites. Yes that is also part of the hacking field but that does not mean that it's the most important part of hacking. So what's just hacking, What should I do to become one hacker?

    Do not worry, you will learn from me.

    The most important thing to you Have to become an attacker is self-worth.

    You ought to always ready to learn something and learn to create something new.

    Let me explain now different kinds of hackers exists in cyber security world.

    Script Kiddies are the people who uses tools, scripts, methods and programs created by real hackers. In a simple word, the one who do not know how a system works but still can exploit that with previously available tools.

    White Hat Hacker: White Hat hackers are good guys who are doing the hacking for defense. The main objective of a whitehat hacker is that improve the security of a system by finding security errors and fixing it.

    The work for an organization or individually to make the cyber space safer. I would only coccentrate on white hat hacking and helping you learn Ethical Hacking World.

    Black Hat Hacker: BlackHat hackers are really bad guys, cybercriminals, There is malicious intent Those hackers who steal money, infect systems with malware, etc.

    Referred to BlackHat hackers. They use theirs hacking skills for illegal purpose.

    Those hackers who can work offensive or defensive depending on the situation. Hackers who do not have malicious intentions but still Like breaking into third party systems for fun or just for shows the existence of vulnerability. Hacktivists The hackers who use theirs hacking skills to protest against injustice and attack a target system and websites to bring justice. One of The popular hacktivists are Anonymous and RedHack check my comments below

    Let's ride

    Naijaburner himself
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
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