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CPA Marketing Beginner Tutorial Complete Guide

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Andy, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    CPA Marketing Beginner Tutorial Complete Guide

    While the month is full of blessings, I want to share a piece of CPA business knowledge that I have been studying lately.

    I'm not a master, how much earning and still green in the online business .. but hopefully this knowledge will help someone

    What is CPA?

    CPA stands for Cost Per Action.

    Yyou get $$$ when a visitor takes action. The action can be: enter email / postcode, register to the target site, download the application, join the facebook app etc. The amount of $$$ that we get depends on the difficulty level of the action.

    The $$ per action value ranges from 0.5 $ - 50 $ an, seriously! some terms in the CPA marketing:

    The CPA Network

    Network is an organization that bridges Advertisers and Publishers (us).

    Advertisers are parties who need action. He who will pay us through the Network (after deducting the commission by the Network of course heh

    Offer: This is what the Networks offers to publishers. there are requirements that we must pay attention to before promoting. The requirements are also various: target country, minimum age, type of traffic that can enter, etc.

    Be careful, don't comply with these requirements..the risk of not being paid or banned!

    There are generally 2 types of CPA Offers: Non-Incentivized and Incentivized. The most dominant one is Non- Incentivized, meaning that visitors do not get some kind of 'reward' after the action. On the other hand, an incentivized offer is where visitors get a reward after the action. The reward is up to us, usually -> download game cracks, ebook cheat games, watch movies online.

    Here's an example of a game offer that pays 1.4 $ / member (non-incentivized) -> http:// id=5309 -

    Advertiser -> this is the one earlier, companies that are willing to pay for each action achieved (new members, email, etc.) - Publisher / Affiliate -> we say this! jobless premium, professional unemployment or something -

    Affiliate Manager (AM) -> these are Network employees whose job is to help us (publishers) to generate money. Naturally, we are lucky he is also lucky (remember the commission factor). So, he will share tips / tricks to make us even more powerful! the number of good relations with AM is important ..

    To chat, you know, your AM. Apart from tips / tricks, you can also: * ask about the requirements of the offer * payout bump: now this is important ... salary 'to the AM. For example, the offer example above, you can negotiate .. payout increased to $ 1.7 / member .. sip right - Traffic is traffic .. For the CPA business, not all traffic is allowed. It depends on the requirements of each advertiser.

    But in general, all traffic is OK as long as it is not spamming. You know spamming? for example: broadcast on facebook, craiglist, email on spamming. You know yourself that foreign countries are busy with SPAM issues, so the CPA Network also takes care of its business. In general, there are two types of traffic: FREE traffic and BUY traffic (Paid Traffic).

    Each has advantages + disadvantages please.

    FREE traffic : the good thing is it's free .. it just usually takes a struggle. For example traffic in this category: SEO (oh yesss !!), Youtube traffic, Forum posts etc. The drawback is that we cannot filter incoming traffic.
    For example, the offer example above requires a minimum age of 18 years.

    BUY traffic (paid traffic) : must have capital to buy my traffic! But the good thing is, we can get traffic quickly and also targeted (for example: being able to choose a country and a minimum target age).

    There are lots of traffic sellers, some of which are well- known: Adword (have you heard of it? Haha), Facebook Ads, AdCenter, PlentyOfFish, MochiMedia, Traffic Vance, SiteScout, AdBucks, Exoclick ... well, the backward, the more I never hear ? wkwkwk .. that is, still a lot of mystery traffic sources that must be studied.

    Types of paid traffic include: PPC (Adword, FB ads), CPM (FB ads, Mochi, Media Buying), PPV (pay per view eg: Traffic Vance) Paid Traffic is a very long topic, it's hard to reveal in this post...

    In short, paid traffic is the main weapon if you want to be serious at CPA. 1000 $ / day no wonder you use this type of traffic.

    Steps to Starting a CPA Marketing

    1. Join a CPA Network There are many CPA Networks with their respective specialties. Some: Neverblue, Peerfly, Maxbounty etc. Before joining,

    take a look at the offers they offer on hxxp: // On that site you can browse various networks and their offers. Check the payout for each offer ... different networks can have different payouts, even though the offers are the same.

    Joining the network is actually easy ... as long as you have capital. In principle, the Network likes active, aggressive publishers and has a clear plan.

    Don't come in ... come on, don't understand this.

    AM is even busy teaching new publishers Explain your plan clearly to make money with them. If you want it to be effective, convince them that you will use paid traffic for the CPA offer promotion. And capable! Or if you're still not sure the look for network info that doesn't need an interview by phone ... for example Peerfly, cpagrip etc.

    2. Choose the CPA Offer that you want to promote . Just ask your AM first .. "eh uncle AM, which offer is hot, what's the tip and trick?" If your AM is nice, he will give you the complete information. Chat is the best strategy ..

    what traffic is the most profitable, what kind of banner, which country, etc. or just use your blog traffic (if you blog) .. I think the offers that are the best. For newbies, I suggest you just promote the offer of freebies like Free iPad, Free iPhone, and other free freebies. Who doesn't like free

    3. Incoming traffic! Start driving traffic to the CPA landing page. you cab use any type of traffic (paid or free). Clearly, the traffic does not violate the requirements of an offer.

    4. Optimization / Testing

    After incoming traffic, expect a conversion (there is an action from visitors = $$). Optimization / testing is an important part of doing CPA business.

    There are so many parameters that affect the conversion. Lots of ... for example: Is the CPA offer attractive or not? Do your target visitors like the offer? Is the copyad (ad text) / banner ok? Is the landing page interesting for action What hours are the offer promoted?

    For example: why do you promote CPA when someone else is in the office (08AM - 17PM) Is the promotion on weekends or weekdays?

    The expected action is complicated or not? etc. Many factors? Testing and Testing.

    Find the best combination of advertising, traffic, hours to promote an offer.

    For those who promote via paid traffic, it is important to know the best combination so that the profit is multiplied.

    We spent so much money, so we have to make a profit ++ .. don't we? Yes, the big picture is so. Actually there are many other things but I'm afraid that this post won't be enough. In fact, it's a new e-book lol. But please if anyone wants to discuss together .. let's discuss it below. If anything is unclear, please ask ...
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