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Do not focus more on site ranking

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Andy, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    No doubt, having a high search engine ranking is very important to a home business owner as it will increase their business revenue. Much money have been spend on search engine optimization software, books, ebook and SEO services in order to obtain a high ranking website.

    The goal of every webmaster for their website is to obtain the HIGHEST ranking available in google. However, the algorithm
    of google kept changing and it is not an easy task to reach that status.

    There are many OPEN secrets on how you can obtain a high ranking in the world largest search engine "google".

    The top open secret is to obtain reciprocal links by exchanging link with other website or one way back linking via article
    writing, forum posting or even blogging. So if every webmaster have done that, then wouldn't all of them obtain a high ranking.

    As the largest search engine, google wouldn't be that dumb to just obtain the results just because a website has many thousands of links pointing to it. What usually happened is that if the knowledge is available to many of the webmaster, google engineers would know the strategy that millions of webmaster are applying.

    It will then lower the points given to linking and create new linking criteria such as:
    - the number of relevant links pointing to the website
    - the number of irrelevant links pointing to the website
    - the number of relevant outgoing links pointing to other website
    - the rank of the back linking website
    - the anchor text used during the linking etc.

    As you can see, a high ranking strategy is a never ending ball game. The search engine criteria results will always be changing
    and it will always remain an Internal Top Secrets for the Search Engine Companies. However, what google and other search
    engine wants to achieve is that no one can or should be able to manipulate their search results. The end users of the search
    engine will be to obtain nothing but RELEVANT results that they are searching for.

    All this is not that bad because it give new webmaster and their website a chance in the google search engine. As long as your
    website contents are fresh, unique and relevant, it will stand a great chance of begin display in the google search engine results. Google employed many smart software engineers and any loop holes which webmaster tried to exploit now will eventually be cover up. Many webmasters have learn the hard way after their website are penalized for trying to exploit some of the search engine weakness.

    Therefore, do what you can to make your website search engine friendly but don't focus too much on your search engine
    ranking. There are also other useful Internet Advertising method such as PPC Search Engine Advertising, Forum Posting,
    Blogging etc.

    Wishing you success in advertising your Internet Business Website.

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