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Free Fiverr Gig Idea To Put $100 to $500 monthly from fiverr

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Andy, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Andy

    Andy Vip Member

    Jul 21, 2017
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    Free Fiverr Gig Idea To Put $100 to $500 monthly from fiverr, though I haven't tried it but its worth it guys.

    First make an account on fiverr.com

    Now choose one of the "Gigs" belonging to other members on fiverr. My advice is to choose Gigs in the "Advertiser" section because many need such services, you can also choose other categories that you think are needed.

    For example, I choose:
    "I will provide Over 10,000 Verified Instant Backlinks Using Blog Comments, Extra Bonus One FREE With Every ... for $ 5" On every gigs you have to pay attention:

    1. Title.
    2. Description How to work.
    3. Old workmanship.
    4. Rate from customers

    Now it's Promotion time, let's make the price $ 15- $ 20. It's easiest to promote it through FORUM, because we don't need to create a site / blog, our target is an external forum, because $ 15- $ 20 is a little money, but it's not bad for us ... hehehe Lots of FORUM you can choose like:

    **www.warrior forum.com
    **nairaland .com
    **blackhatorld though need membership to post such else you banned

    Here I will give an example of posting on FORUM later, calm down, we just need to copy -Paste, title, description, and Delivery Time the most important thing is not to forget the price must be above $ 5, the method of payment is to use paypal because we need Paypal to pay the order on Fiverr later. Because this is FORUM, there must be many questions ... ??

    Now there's a software in this forum that helps you find sites to comment and get back links OK you should see it on giveaways

    OK Good luck, and don't have to think about the important "Take Action"

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