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Here Are 7 Mistakes You make In Starting online Business

Discussion in 'Theadsense Family Lounge' started by Andy, Sep 23, 2020.

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    Jul 21, 2017
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    Here Are 7 Mistakes You make In Starting online Business

    Every week I talk with young entrepreneurs about what can and cannot be done in starting a business. We talk about success and failure. Yes, I have a good job while in Uk. In the UK, it consists mostly of entrepreneurs. In stark contrast to Nigeria, where most of the workers still mindset. The topics that often appear in our conversations are the mistakes that are prone to appear when starting their online business. Business startups want to know what startups often get so they can avoid them, while some experienced business people I know wish they'd known these things sooner so they could have avoided it long ago. Here are the 10 most influential mistakes that online businesses make:

    1. Waiting too long to launch a product. There is an acquaintance of mine who creates a nice website with the words on his homepage: This site will launch in 00 year: 11 months: 25 days, now the website is down and their CV is closed. Many people wait for their website traffic is already large, 1000 subscribers, or 10000 visitors a month or whatever the number. I know marketing and branding and making products together is difficult. Others fear that no one will buy, with few visitors. Types of entrepreneur fear. This is natural. However, whatever the reason, if you want to build your business, you must be prepared to face firsthand these fears and the risks that your products will not sell. Moreover, the entrepreneur's journey does not stop at the first product launch, you will learn. The first product may not be perfect, but your next product will continue to improve in quality. Certainly. You will learn. And the best way to learn self-taught is by trial and error. You will find the best way according to your capacity and strength in product marketing and you will be closer to a stable income.

    2. Your business doesn't solve the problem. The value of a product emerges with the benefits it provides to society. Where then your product is valued with money worth the value of the product itself. Try to imagine if you have cancer drugs. You don't need to find customers. Definitely. Product quality and value are very important. And become an important part of drafting your business product or service idea. The basic mistake of business startups is trying to solve problems that people don't have.

    3. Choose a topic that you are not good at. Deciding to jump into the Hot Market is a wise decision. However, without the necessary knowledge and capacity to compete, you will definitely lose before fighting your competitors. Recruiting subordinates with the required capacity is a shortcut, but there is always a risk. Communication, methodology, philosophy that don't fit can make the capacity of your subordinates not fully up to you and risk losing competitiveness in the development of knowledge and innovation of the products or services you offer to the market. There is no need to choose a topic that is your passion, even though a topic that suits your passion will make your stamina unlimited. But enough topics that you know and want to know more deeply will help in basic innovations to always be competitive by developing.

    4. Starting with the wrong expectations. Starting a successful business is very difficult. Especially if you have a regular job, it will be very, very difficult. If you expect to earn in a matter of weeks or months, you will fail. Why? Because as a beginner, you will have very few opportunities, and the mistakes you make must be a lot. For example, even if you have a Masters in Engineering, you are not ready to work according to company needs. There is still much to be learned and it is all in practice within market expectations. You have to take a Proficiency Certification first and it takes years before you are considered a company specialist. Ask yourself: Will starting an online business be useful even though it takes years to get a stable income? What if building this online business makes you more tired and stressed than your current real job? Try to find people who are successful with online businesses similar to yours. Listen carefully to whatever it takes to get where he is now. Try searching on the experience search for members of this forum theadsensefamily.com , there must be someone who has succeeded and is happy to share with you. I have a friend at Apari Group Nigeria and it is a pleasure to tell me about the ups and downs of starting his Forex business. Forex strategy is very difficult. You have to find the one that suits you and keep your strategy updated all the time. Then try to imagine you are in their shoes. Are you ready to walk the same path?
    5. Thinking too much without action! Planning is the most important part of starting your business. However, fantasizing and abstract thinking definitely doesn't help! If you are thinking as part of your planning, prepare a pen and paper. Write what you think, draw a line between your ideas, then draw a conclusion. Our brains cannot project all of this and without a sketch of your mind, you are just thinking abstractly!

    6. Defining Blogs as your Business . Try rephrasing these phrases: Blog is not a business, Blog is not a business,Blog is not a business, Blog is not a business. Blogs are the perfect platform to build your business. Youtube, social media, etc., are serious marketing tools in building a market network for the products / services you offer. It's different if you use Google Adsense or other PPC / PPV as your main income, don't make blogging as a tool to get side income. Providing free services / sharing / articles is not a business. All of this is to build your business influence and network. Don't use your blog as a tool to earn extra income if you have your own products and services that you want to sell. The reputation and professionalism of your business are at stake.

    7. Don't start right away. This is the most prevalent and most fatal error. Don't be the one who keeps talking nonsense and plans, plans, without any real action and execution. Indeed, there are many obstacles in your head, this is normal. Your brain protects you against risk. Are you afraid of heights? Yes. Are you still afraid to jump into the pool from a height of 3 meters? Still. With good jumping posture, you should be fine jumping from that height. But there must be a feeling of fear to start jumping. Because our brains are limiting the potential we have. Courage may seem foolish at times, but courage with the right planning will make you jump over your own limits and become a winner. I am sure of that. Mistakes are a natural thing, as I said before, entrepreneurship is a process. You will learn and try not to make the same mistakes. You will certainly become more skilled. Learn from your mentor, read books, discuss in this TAF forum. And thanks for reading to the end!
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