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How To Add 5000 Facebook Likes In 1 Day

Discussion in 'Social Media-Youtube, Facebook, etc' started by Bala Hassan, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Bal

    Bala Hassan Elite Member

    How to add 5000 fanspage likes
    in 1 day

    This is my first post, hopefully it will
    inspire us all ...

    1. Make a new fanpage
    2. Complete all the data
    3. Start uploading photos according to
    the niche
    4. Create several posts according to the

    Prepare fb ads with a budget of $5

    In the ad, make one that can touch the
    heart, for example, a husband and wife
    who are elderly ... Then spice it up with
    a powerful sentence

    "I hope that the like in this image will
    get a loyal companion until death picks

    You can create yourself a real sentence.
    Guaranteed everyone who sees the ad will like your fanspage at least 25% likes from the total reach.

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