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How to Appeal to Google Adense Ban

Discussion in 'Main AdSense Discussions' started by Andy, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    Before you submit an appeal form, make sure that you make necessary arrangements to collect information Google will ask you to submit via appeal form.
    After this, you will complete an online “AdSense Appeal Form”
    Against Google’s decision of disabling your AdSense account.

    • Do’s and Don’ts when submitting an appeal form If you want to collaborate with Google after filing an appeal for review, never threat Google in any way.
    • Never lose patience and let Google take its time. Wait for appeal response from Google. Sometimes, applications stuck in Google’s systems(Applicants not told about).
    Don’t take further steps in panic. Many publishers say that they couldn’t wait for too long and they immediately applied 4-5 times over and over for a new AdSense account before getting any outcome of their previous appeal(s) to Google.
    This will only complicate your case, consume more time and bring frustration. If you know that you were on the wrong side and broke AdSense terms then there is no reason to be angry or impatient. On the other hand, if your account was mistakenly disabled by Google then you must have tolerance and strong faith that at last you will succeed!
    • Don’t legally sue / file a law suit against Google, you will surely lose. If your AdSense appeal is rejected, you will get the following email from Google:
    “ Thanks for providing us with additional information. However, after thoroughly reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, we've re-confirmed that your account poses a significant risk to our advertisers.
    For this reason, we're unable to reinstate your account. Thank you for your understanding. As a reminder, if you have any questions about your account or the actions we've taken; please do not reply to this email.
    The Google AdSense Team ”

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