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How To Change WordPress Login Logo

Discussion in 'Webmasters, Graphics and Programming' started by Andy, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    I regularly get the question from people who have set up their own WordPress blog, and who want to change the logo they see when they log in to their blog. For example, if you have a blog where more than one person logs in, it is obviously so neat that you can show your own logo instead of the standard WordPress logo.

    There are different ways to change the WordPress logo. In this article I will therefore discuss the simplest and most user-friendly way.

    How To Change WordPress Logo, Thanks to this plugin.

    To change the WordPress logo I always use a very this plugin, so you don't have to have any technical knowledge. The plugin I use is called My WordPress Login Logo and lets you (as the name suggests) set your own WordPress logo.

    Don't know how to install WordPress plugins?

    Then read my this article about installing WordPress plugins . When you have installed this plugin, a new menu button will appear in the administrators section of your WordPress website, which will take you to the settings of the plugin. On the settings page of the plugin you can simply specify which logo you want to appear.

    You can also specify other settings such as the size and width of the logo. Here you can upload the logo that you want to appear, and you can also specify, for example, how large and wide the logo should be. In addition, you can add a fade-in effect, so that the login window appears somewhat delayed

    Changing your WordPress logo is therefore very simple and you absolutely do not need any technical knowledge. Thanks to the aforementioned plugin you can simply choose which image you want to appear in the login window, and the plugin takes care of the rest

    Do you have any questions about this plugin or are you unsuccessful? Then ask your questions in the comments below If you find this article helpful, I would greatly appreciate it if you would give this article a like or a tweet.

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019

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