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How to Chat With Friends using MS-DOS

Discussion in 'Webmasters, Graphics and Programming' started by Andy, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    Step 1:- All you need is your friends IP address and your Command Prompt.
    Step 2 :- Open your notepad and write tis code as it is.
    @echo off: A Cls
    echo MESSENGER set /p n=User: set /p m=Message: net send %n% %m% Pause Goto A3.
    Step 3 :- Now save this as "Messenger.Bat”.
    Step 4 :- Drag this file (.bat file)over to Command Prompt and press enter!
    Step 5 :- You would then see some thing like this:
    Step 6 :- After "User” type the IP address of the computer you want to contact.
    Step 7 :- Before you press "Enter” it should look like this:
    User: IP_Address User: IP_Address
    Message: Hi, How are you ? Message: Hi, How are you?
    Step 8 :- Now all you need to do is press "Enter”, and start chatting.

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