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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Blackhat Method

Discussion in 'Whitehat & Blackhat SEO' started by Andy, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Vip Member Jr.Vip

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    I have several people asking about quick easy traffic generation... So, if you want an ongoing flow of targeted traffic quick and in a blackhat style, here's all you need to do... You will parasite other peoples hard work and benefit from it. Warning - this method is very effective and can fuel all of your traffic needs in many cases. Here it is in a nutshell... you will go to youtube and quickly find people in your niche who are video marketing.... these guys put up a video and then market the heck out of it driving it to the top of the search engines and in general causing a lot of traffic to it. You will simply watch their video, and then make a video of your own to use as a video reply.... your video can be nothing more than video recorded text if you want. You WILL get targeted traffic. Here's how to do it... Go To

    1. Click on videos on top of the screen
    2. type in the keyword of your niche
    3. choose advanced options
    4. search videos that were uploaded today
    5. find the most popular video there... you might have to go through a few pages to find a good one... for me, i did a search and on page 2 there was a video uploaded today that had 225 views already, so this is a good one - there are tons of them.
    6. upload your video as video response to the popular video... when you do your video, use this formula...
    6a- immediately say something good/nice about the video you are commenting on.
    6b- say something brief about your product/service/offer.
    6c- say something good about there video or topic again
    6d- make sure your url is visual during your video. this works like magic.... so there you go, a quick unending supply of targeted traffic that someone else is working hard to send the traffic.

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