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How to earn $1 daily to PayPal

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Abah Moses, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    Yllix is an advertising network that publishers or advertisers can join.

    The company was opened in 2012 and has become one of the fastest growing advertising networks. The company uses a combination of CPM, CPC, and CPA to pay the publishers. This makes it easy for publishers to earn a good rate for click- through conversions. The company is an international ad network that any website or blog owner can easily join. The company works hard with publishers and advertisers to that each person can generate a high revenue using their services. This is an excellent alternative to Google AdSense and a trusted advertising network to join.

    How Does This Work?
    1. This is an international company and anyone worldwide can create an account and join the network.
    2. The registration process is very simple and straight-forward. Just fill in the registration form and verify your email address.
    3. The site doesn’t require you to add a website URL or even a Blog URL when joining the network.
    4. Once you’ve verified your email address, you’ll receive an ad code that you’ll need to place on your website or blog.
    5. Once this is placed on your website or blog, the company will review your site and approve your site.
    6. This site doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements to join. That means a brand new website or blog owner can easily join this network and start earning money posting ads on their site.
    7. This site accepts adult and gambling sites.
    8. As long as your website or blog is legal it is easy to join this network. The site won’t approve any illegal sites.
    9. The company does require you to let them know if this site is an adult or a non-adult website or blog.
    10. The company accepts clicks and traffic from all countries worldwide.

    What Are The Ad Formats?
    1. The company uses CPM, CPC, and CPA models to pay the publishers for the ads that are displayed on their website or blog.
    2. The site has a large variety of ad formats that you can use on your website or blog.
    3. Banner Ads: These are the standard banner ads that all ad networks use.
    4. Safe HTTPS Banner Ads: These are safe banner ads that anyone can view on your site. If you have a site that young children visit, this is a good type of ad to display on your website or blog.
    5. Slider Ads: These types of ads normally receive more clicks because of the size of the ads. The ads will slide in and can be displayed on the left hand or right-hand side of your page.
    6. Mobile Redirects : This is not a good type of ad to use on any website or blog because Google is not a big fan of redirects. Furthermore, this ad will redirect all your site visitors to the advertisers’ web pages and you’ll lose your site visitors.
    7. Layer Ads: These types of ads are displayed as a full page ad or a layer over the top of your content. The visitor can close these types of ads if they don’t want to see them.
    8. Pop up Ads : These types of ads will pop up on the site and they do annoy the visitor. Many visitors don’t like these types of ads and will stop coming to your website because of them. 9. The site also has pop-under ads, tab- up ads, and tab-under ads that you can choose from.

    Join The Referral Progam:

    1. The site has a referral program that publishers or advertisers can join.
    2. The site offers to pay up to $100 for each new advertiser or publisher you refer to the network.
    3. Furthermore, you’ll earn an additional 2% of the publishers lifetime earning.
    4. You can also earn an additional 2% of the advertisers spending, on the account for the lifetime of their account.

    How Are You Paid?
    1. The minimum payment is only $1 and is one of the lowest payment thresholds for ads.
    2. The money you earn from the ads today will appear in your account tomorrow. There is no need to wait for 30-days to see how much money you’ve earned.
    3. You can cash out to your PayPal account once you’ve accumulated $1 in your account. 4. If you request payment through Payza, you’ll need to have a $10 balance in your account.
    5. The site also will pay you through ZCash, but you’ll need a $10 balance in your account before you can request your payment.
    6. If you choose Payoneer, the site requires that you have a $50 balance in your account.
    7. You can also request your money through an international bank transfer as long as you have $100 in your account. Conclusion: This is an excellent ad network to join if you have a brand new blog or website.
    The company doesn’t require that you have an extreme amount of traffic on your site. It is easy to join this network and all accounts are approved almost instantly. The site has a variety of ad formats that you can use on your website or blog. Furthermore, the minimum threshold to receive your payment from the company is only $1. If you have a new blog or website, check out this network and join today. You can start earning money on your site today. The money that you earn today for advertising on your website will appear in your account tomorrow. With such a low threshold to cash out from the site, you can almost be paid daily. Furthermore, this is an excellent alternative to Google AdSense and it is easy to join this network as a publisher or even an advertiser.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2020

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