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How to earn $20/day via Google AdSense

Discussion in 'Google AdSense' started by Abah Moses, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    Choose some keywords and domains: First step is to get some of the best paying keywords and the ones you can write on. Just google for best AdSense paying keywords to get a list or alternatively you can go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Googles keyword tool. Write any keyword e.g finance, computer, technology, web design, php, adsense, internet marketing, affiliate marketing or anything of your choice. Just make sure you are going to that topic for your first website to which you can write some interesting words.

    Google Keyword tool will give you a list of top competitions on your keyword query. You can display/hide columns to view highest bid on every keyword and estimated number of search traffic. Pick a few from top of the list and start search for domains related to these keywords. Domain does not need to be related but if your keyword is also in your domain, it will be helpful in term of SEO.

    Register your first few domains, get some web hosting account: You can try hostgator web hosting plan or any other which supports multiple domain hosting at same account. You can try coupons to reduce the initial cost for your hosting plans. Setup a Website or Web blog. Now setup your first website. If you are going for a weblog then best idea is to upload and install wordpress. Wordpress is best in means of SEO. Write few articles (7 to 10 articles) on website.

    Start SEO for your website: Submit your website in search engines like google, yahoo and msn. Use the link of your website in signature of any of web forum if you use. Forums are fastest and free way to get backlinks to your website. More posts on a forum site you have, more backlinks you can get. Then submit your website in social news, networking sites like digg, delicious, reddit, blinklist. And submit your website to a couple of free web directories. Keep a record of everything you are doing. In two or three days your website will be indexed in google and youll be start getting traffic from google. Now build as many links as you can but dont spam too much.

    Signup for Adsense (Or use if you already signed up): Signup for adsense and wait for their approval. Once you got your account, create and place ads in your website. Use Ads blending and Adsense placement methods to embed the ads properly to generate more clicks by your visitors.

    Final Step: Do as much SEO as you can. Build links, get more RSS subscribers, publish your site to social networking sites. Sooner youll be get your target for $5 per day!

    Multiply your income: Now repeat the above steps for another 20 websites. Itll took some time but you can easily achieve $100 per day target with mini adsense sites. Just make sure you follow this rule

    You have to read & understand Google Adsens Program Policies and Terms and Conditions.

    3. Dont try to click on your own ads, or don't request people to click ads. Don't write that type text. The only acceptable words are Sponsored Links. Dont use any automated artificial click or page impression. Dont try to commit google click fraud. Because Google fraud algorithm is very powerful and it will catch you and you'll be banned from adsense.

    4. Dont try to put competitor contextual ads on the same page of your AdSense ads, for example: Yahoo Publisher Network, Clicksor but Non-contextual ads are ok.

    5. Dont try to put your google adense ads on invalid material for google adsense content, e.g. adult sites, alcohol site, porn site, Arms info site, fraud site, gambling sites, mp3, etc.

    6. If you viewing your on website you will not banned from. Just make sure you dont click on the your own ads. But if you try to repeatedly reload your page from same page then impressions will count & you will be banned.

    7. When you are confused dont hesitate to contact the Google AdSense Support Team or google adsense forums. Because they are very helpful.

    8. You can try adsense high paying keywords but in the same time try to avoid keywords that are having a hard competition.

    9. Use SEO Keyword Tool to find suitable & high paying keywords.

    10. Target a specific visitor.

    11. Put your targeted search query on Page Title.

    12. Use keywords in your article a few times but not to an excessive extent.

    When you've done the above - you need to understand a few more terms to get yourself ahead of others in earning from google sites adsense. Read on...


    Google Adsense Impressions count is basically referring to your traffic. It means the number of times AdSense ads are viewed. Adsense Click Through Rate (CTR) is ratio of clicks per impressions. Google Adsense CTR can range from 0.1% to 42%, but 5% to 20% is best.

    Cost-per-click (CPC) is the earning you get per click. It means to the amount advertisers pay for each click, it can also mean the amount publishers get for each click.

    Best-pricing is AdSense system to determine how valuable clicks from your site are worth. If clicks on your site doesnt provide good value to advertisers, e.g. from visitors geo-location that seldom translate to sales, you will only get a fraction of the supposed CPC.

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