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How to earn more from AdSense Using high paying Keyword's

Discussion in 'Main AdSense Discussions' started by Andy, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    I am getting only 1 cent or 2 cent from every click. How can I maximize my earning? probably its the most common question from the Google Adsense marketer.

    Every business including blogging business need to analyze the ROI (Return of Investment), that is, how much effort you are applying and how much profit you are making in return.

    You are writing blogs spending lots of time, doing SEO campaign for high Google ranking, applying marketing strategies to grab traffic but your earning makes you disappointed.

    Why this happens: Yeah, one of the main reason is your keywords are low paying. You are getting huge visitors, they are making clicks but the thing is clicks are making few cents. I found that CPC (Cost per click) varies for different keywords within the same niche.

    Few days ago I was thinking to start a new blog on the niche Swine flue. While researching keyword with Adword keyword tool I found some good keyword with high search value but their CPC (Cost per click ) is too much low only $.05. Again I was going through the CPC column and found 2 keywords with CPC $2.45. Although CPC $2.45 doesnt refer that its a high paying niche but comparatively its higher than other keywords on the niche Swine flue . So it is wise to start blog on the keyword with CPC $2.45.

    Actually CPC is not the actual amount that you will get per click. This tool is designed for Adwords clients to help them figure out what the average price per click it will cost them to run ads in that niche, but fortunately you can use it for your own advantage. Thing is if CPC is higher for any keyword then PPC (pay per click) will also higher for that keyword. So, from the CPC you can assume that which keyword will return you more profit in blogging business.

    Finding the high paying niche and relevant keywords is fairly easy using adword keyword research tool. Now I will walk you through how you can find high paying keywords on your niche. Its a simple task.

    1: Go to Google Adword keyword tool : https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    2: Now enter your niche or a keyword that defines your niche site. Then fill up the captcha & hit on Get keyword ideas . For this post, I will enter mobile phone or mobile phones.
    Adword keyword tool (High paying keywords): Cick to enlarge the Image

    Adword keyword tool (High paying keywords)

    3: Now you need to Sort your results. On the right side of the screen there is a drop down box titled Show/hide columns, click this box and choose Show estimated Avg. CPC. A new column is added to the left of the list with dollar amount averages for your keywords. A down arrow is viewed on top of the Estimated Avg. CPC. The down arrow represents the a descending order for that keyword or key phase.
    Adword keyword tool (High paying keywords): Click to enlarge the Image

    Adword keyword tool (High paying keywords)

    4: Next you would want to sort the highest CPC. To organize this list by highest average CPC, click twice on the blue hyperlink in the top column that reads Estimated Avg. CPC.You can now see which keywords have the highest average CPC in your niche.
    Adword keyword tool (High paying keywords): Cick to enlarge the Image

    Adword keyword tool (High paying keywords)

    Out of the adsense high paying keywords simply select the some best relevant keywords to what youd like to write on. After this you need to check the competition of the keywords in Google & Also check out the search volume to see which keywords suit you best. Dont choose high competing keywords & keywords having low search volume.

    Choosing the right niche is the first step of success in blogging business. If your interest and the readers interest doesnt match then you will not make any profit from your blogging business.

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