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How To Get Non-Hosted Us Adsense: Method

Discussion in 'Blackhat Tricks' started by Andy, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    How to register google adsense US

    2. Download any of the following vpn to change IP to AMERICAN state <HOTSPOT SHIELD, PSHIPHON, ANONYMOX>

    3. Register 2 new gmail account with American identity, visit this site

    4. Once the account is registered, Use 1 Account to create a Blog
    5. after that post 6 - 10 articles

    6. After the Blog get Free domain from freenom either .tk .ga park to your blog.

    7. If it's parked and runs smoothly, go to the next step

    8. Use the other account to Create ADSENSE, and register the previous Blog to the ADSENSE

    9. Use details from fakenamegenerator fill form and submit

    10. Wait for EMAIL into that account that you registered for adsense, maximum (2 to 24hrs)

    11. You should get a mail asking you to put the ad on your blog, just Fletch the code paste on your blog.

    12. Place some ads on your Blog, and wait for maximum (2x24hours)

    13. CONGRATULATIONS! You Now have fully Approved Adsense Account.... you should get an email notification on that email you signed up with.

    14. and ads should appear, showing that's its been approv...

    15. Ensure to set adsense PIN, SUBMIT TAX, PAYMENT METHODS, Etc.

    Thanks for Reading
    Note: we can help get AdSense for you! we sell at 8k-15k Us UK Naija etc

    Use contact form below and we respond you in less than 1hr

    Also want to buy complete package on how this process works?? contact us
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  2. afr

    africhaven Newbie

    I did all this , its getting to 1 plus now, AdSense never look my side
  3. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    You must have all site essentials.... about, contact etc

    You want approved AdSense for your blog then message me directly on this forum
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