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How to make insecticides at home

Discussion in 'Nigerian Foods' started by Abah Moses, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip


    Chemicals Needed For Making Insecticide

    1. D.D Force

    2. Sniper

    3. Industrial Camphor

    4. Formalin

    5. Kerosene

    6. IPA

    7. Color

    8. Perfume

    *Chemical Measurement To Make Good Insecticide*

    5 Liters – 8 Liters; Depending on how strong you want it to be)

    1. D.D Force/Mulvap

    2. Sniper 1000g

    3. Industrial Camphor 2kg

    4. Formalin 1/2kg (But use 1/16. If Formalin is much; it will hot one’s eye. That is why you see some insecticide affecting someone’s eye after use)
    5. Kerosene 5 Liters

    6. IPA 1/2 Liter

    7. Color As Desired (Not a Must anyway)

    8. Perfume As Desired (Not a must

    *Steps On How To Make Insecticide *

    Step 1: Pour the Kerosene into a bowl BIG enough to allow you to stir

    Step 2: Pour all the Industrial Camphor into the Kerosene for at least 30 minute or more before production. This is to enable it devolve properly in the Kerosene.

    Step 3: Carefully pour the Mulvap/D.D force into the kerosene

    Step 4: Carefully pour the Sniper into the kerosene too

    Step 5: Add all the IPA

    Step 6: Add Perfume to satisfaction

    Step 7: Add Color to satisfaction

    However, make sure you already dissolved the color in water before adding it to the

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