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How To Make Liquid Soap at Home

Discussion in 'Nigerian Foods' started by Abah Moses, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    L I Q U I D S O A P by Abah Moses



    -1kg Texapon

    -1/4 kg SLS

    -N100 salt

    -25 Litres of water




    -Put 3 cups of water in a bucket, add salt and stir for a while

    -Add half of the texapon and stir

    -Use the cover of a bottle to measure capful of fragrance and pour into the mixture

    -Add the remaining texapon and stir

    -Add SLS, use your hand and make sure it dissolves

    -When everything is smooth, add a pinch of color and mix

    -Add water bit by bit and continue stirring wit a mobstick

    -Allow it to rest for 8 hours and its ready



    -1/4 kg Nitrosol

    -1& half litres sulphonic acid

    -1kg soda ash

    -1/8 kg caustic soda

    -1/4kg STTP

    -1/4 ltrs formaline and Texapon

    -1/8 ltrs Perfume



    -Get 3 small buckets or bowl

    -Mix soda ash with 2 litrs of water into 1

    -Mix STTP with 2 liters of water into another 1

    -Take four spoons of caustic soda and mix with 1 liter of water into the 3rd bowl. Mix very well and make sure it dissolves, keep in a cool place for 30 mins

    -In a 60 or 80 litres plastic, pour 20 litrs of water

    -Pour nitrosol gently into the water and mix till it becomes thick like Starch

    -Pour the caustic soda and mix very well

    -Pour the STTP and mix together

    -Pour the soda ash and also mix

    -Then, mix Texapon and sulphonic acid in a separate bowl, pour to the mixture and mix very well
    -Add more water

    -Measure 4 to 5 Eva water cover of formaline to the mixture and mix very well

    -Check the thickness and add water if necessary

    -Cover till the next day for chemicals to infuse before use
    Then serve

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