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How to make money from vtn affiliate program

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing Discussion' started by Abah Moses, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    There are a tonnes of affiliate programs one can make money from in Nigeria but the only one that I’ve come across that pays you in naira is that of VTN(Virtual Terminal network). They are currently offer to pay a 25% commission on your efforts in bringing in customers. In essence, you are an independent marketer or sales agent. The more customers you bring, the more money you are likely to make from VTN’s affilate program Things you will need to open an account

    — A valid email address

    – Personal details and verification (utility bill and id) Just go to VTN website and register for an account for free if you don’t have one yet. How to make money with VTN’s affiliate program It’s simple. All you need to do is use your affiliate link to refer people to the service. You can do this by either:
    — Logging into your account and including your friends or
    — Using your affiliate link on websites and emails How to fund vtn account
    —Bank deposit via partner banks
    —VTN scratch card (It can be purchased from VTN agent locations)

    What you can do with a vtn account

    – Buy recharge card or airtime topup

    – Earn money from affiliate program (25%)
    — Fund graphcard which you can use to create virtual credit cards Partner banks through which you can fund your VTN account Oceanic Bankphp GTBank Intercontinental How much does VTN actually pay affiliates? I am not yet sure how this works but they say you will earn a 25% of the commission they charge customers for receiving money via VTN. I am not yet clear on this so I sent them an email for clarification. Normally affiliate programs are meant to pay you a fixed percentage on sales and the value of such affiliate products is normally transparent. It seems that VTN will actually charge customers a commission and then pay you for the commission they earn so you are actually making income from their own commission which we are not yet clear how much that it. Anyway, I’ve been making some commissions from them but it’s not much. One would need lot of referrals to really make big money from the program. Some limitations One thing I feel VTN should do is to make the picture clearer on how much people can actually get to earn and what the 25% really stands for. 25% of what really is what we need to know. Affiliate programs like for web hosting would tell you how much you stand to earn per sale for e.g 60% on a sold product worth about $100 and for that you know what’s coming to you but for VTN, we don’t really know what the real value of their commission is. Again, will the commission just be for people who receive money? How about those referrals who also send money. Go here to sign up https://www.virtualterminalnetwork.com/m2/CreateAccount.asp
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