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How To Make Money In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Abah Moses, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip


    Custard is a delicious, nutritious food eaten and enjoyed by everyone.
    It is in a powdery form in the raw state and eaten liquid like pap.
    Many people prefer custard to pap because of its taste and flavour.
    Because custard has long shelf life it stays for a long time without
    getting spoilt. It is cheap, affordable, easy to prepare and this has
    made it the darling of all. It is eaten by both the rich and the poor; the
    market for it is enormous and the demand is huge. The crave for
    custard due low supply and huge demand has created a serious
    money-spinner business opportunity for opportunity seekers, investors
    and entrepreneurs.
    The fact that demand greatly exceeds supply makes it a goldmine
    because of high profit margin and low start-up capital. You don’t
    need any equipment or machinery to produce custard. You don’t need
    huge capital to start; you can start with N20,000. You can start
    custard production from home so space is not a problem. This is one
    business where buyers wait for you anxiously with their money - little
    effort big money. So if you have been looking for a guaranteed way
    of making money consistently non-stop, then custard production is for
    you. With the money you will be making from this business, your
    family members and neighbours will think you are printing money.
    Paint production business is a very lucrative business and its profit
    potential is very high. Going by the number of houses and other
    structures in the country, it is certain that you can never run out
    business if you go into paint production. Paint is an essential
    commodity needed for painting houses, offices etc and the demand is
    on the increase. There is hardly any house that is not painted these ,days, so the market is there for you what is left for you to do to
    penetrate and capture the market is to produce good quality paint and
    market it very well.
    Do you know that you can make tons of money producing and selling
    decorative wall paints? The Nigerian Real Estate Sector is witnessing
    a boom and a lot of private companies, banks, corporations and other
    investors are investing a lot of money in the real estate sector. Private
    individuals are also putting up their own buildings and structures
    which will need to be painted. People rent houses, shops, offices etc
    these buildings without a doubt will need to be painted.
    There are different types of decorative wall paints. You can start your
    home-based paint production with as little as N10,000. The raw
    materials are readily available in the Nigerian market. You don't need
    any expensive equipment to produce paint; you only need some
    buckets and your two hands to do the mixing. There is no excuse for
    you not to go into this business if you are serious.
    Fruit juice production is one of the most lucrative businesses in this
    country today. The raw materials which are mainly fruits are available
    abundantly everywhere in Nigeria. They contain about 85% of water;
    the remaining percentage is made up of fats, protein, carbohydrate,
    minerals, vitamins, roughages in varying amount. Fruits are available
    in different colours like yellow, orange, wine, sunset etc
    This is a business you can do with rest of mind and be sure of smiling
    to the bank every day. You don't need a university degree or even
    need to have attended secondary school. Anyone can do it. You don't
    need any special skills to produce fruit juice. All you need is the
    correct recipe and step by step how to do it. Fruit juice sells like pure
    water, that is why companies and individual investors are going into
    this business. You can even package your fruit juice in pure water sachets; I have seen fruit juice packaged in sachets like pure water
    and it's selling like crazy.
    This opportunity is for business people, graduates, job seekers,
    unemployed, underemployed, pensioners, retirees and any other
    person who has interest in fruit juice production.
    Soap is a daily need for everybody. There is no place in the society
    be it in the homes, schools, industries, offices etc where the making
    use of soap is prohibited. There are varieties of soap, laundry soap,
    toilet soap, liquid soap etc. Survey was carried out about the soaps
    mentioned above, the result was liquid soap and detergent powders
    are for the elites and few people patronized it. The remaining
    majority patronized laundry and toilet soap because it is good for
    washing. Studies have shown that laundry/toilet soap is in demand
    and that supply is inadequate.
    You can produce soap anywhere so your location is not a barrier. If
    you want a lift out of unemployment and poverty, then soap making
    business is for you. You can never be short of buyers; just think of it
    yourself the quantity of soap consumed by Nigerians.
    Yoghurt has nutritional value benefits beyond those of milk. People
    who are moderately lactose intolerant can enjoy yoghurt without ill
    effects. Yoghurt is nutritional rich in protein calcium vitamin B6
    vitamin B12. Yoghurt promotes good healthy gum. Research shows
    yoghurt strengthens and stabilizes the immune system. Research also
    shows that women who take four cups of yoghurt per week have less
    vagina and bladder infections. It nourishes the body and helps
    indigestive system when serve as a dessert after meal. ,You can start yoghurt production business with N10,000 or less and
    you can start from your home. No costly state-of-the-earth equipment
    is required and the raw materials are readily available in the Nigerian
    market. Yoghurt is enjoyed by everyone - men, women, children,
    adults so the demand for yoghurt is high and the market is wide.
    The money making opportunities in this business are numerous and
    this is a chance for you to key in and be part of this goldmine. The
    raw materials are cheap and affordable and within reach.
    Soymilk is a nutritious and refreshing drink produced from soybeans
    which is a leguminous grain. It is creamy and whitish in colour, with a
    neutral taste. It is a good dairy milk substitute. It is an outstanding
    source of protein due to it high quality protein content and it is also a
    rich source of mineral and vitamins. Its oil is rich in easily digestible
    polyunsaturated fatty acid (oil) with no cholesterol which makes it
    good for people with heart problems and hypertension. It can keep for
    1- 2 years if well preserved. All these make it a good commercial
    nutritional and medicinal product.
    Soybeans, the major raw material is available every where in Nigeria
    and it's affordable. This is a business opportunity intended for
    business people, graduates, job seekers, unemployed, underemployed,
    pensioners, retirees etc. It is easy to start; you can start on a small
    scale or start as a big investor. You can start small with between
    N5,000 - N10,000
    Soymilk also has the following importance:
    1. Its beans are cheap to buy and readily available in Nigeria in Oyo,
    Kwara, Benue, Niger, Kaduna, Bauchi, Sokoto, Plateau, etc.
    2. The beans can be readily stored in its dry form without insect
    damage. ,3. Soymilk contains less sodium than cow milk which makes it
    better for people with high blood pressure
    4. It can be used to treat malnutrition in children and adult through
    food fortification, etc
    5. It can be used as composite milk in producing yoghurt, which will
    reduce the cost of production.
    In Nigeria, though soymilk is commercially appreciated, not many
    investors are tapping into it Majority of soymilk in the market are
    imported. This calls for investors to fill the gap.
    One essential commodity that millions of Nigerians cannot do without
    is kerosene. Have you ever witnessed a mammoth crowd, queuing to
    buy kerosene at filling stations? If you do, then you will understand
    that so many homes make use of the kerosene stove which is readily
    available in the market.
    Now, with the crowd in mind, do you know you can start making
    money just producing and selling quality stove wicks? Believe it or
    not, this is a very simple business with profit to be taken by any smart
    and business minded person.
    The truth is, a good kerosene stove is not determined by its external
    beauty but the ability of the wick to burn blue when lit with a match
    stick. The advantages of using a very good wick include: the food
    being cooked will be ready in real time, the back of the pot will not
    easily turn black, and applying soap for washing will be made easy.
    The perennial power problem in Nigeria has created income
    opportunities for those who have what it takes to provide alternative, power supply of which candle production is one. With candle
    production, you have over 140 million Nigerians waiting to put
    money into your hand as long as the products are available and are
    solving light problems. Candle production business is no doubt a huge
    market in this country where electricity is in short supply. There is no
    where candle is not useful as a source of light be it rural areas or
    urban cities.

    You can do this business anywhere in Nigeria and be guaranteed of
    regular income. You don't need a degree to this business; anyone can
    do it. You can produce candle right in the backyard of your house so
    space is not a problem. The profit margin in this business is very high
    judging by the available huge market. You can never be short of

    One good thing about candle production is that you only need two
    raw materials which are readily available in the market. The machine
    and other equipment are locally fabricated and affordable. This is an
    opportunity for smart investors and opportunity seekers to key into
    this business.
    Toilet Cleaner is a chemical mixture for removing dirt and stains on
    tiles, floor and for cleaning toilet. Its domestic use includes stains and
    dirt removal from toilet, bathroom and kitchen; it is also used for
    Industrially, toilet cleaner is used for removing grease, stains and
    chemicals on the floor and for washing toilet and tools. Toilet Cleaner
    production is a profitable business with low start-up capital. You can
    start with as little as N5,000. Toilet Cleaner is very easy to produce;
    all the chemicals and raw materials for production are readily
    available locally and affordable. This business can be done anywhere
    by anyone. No special skill is required the only thing you need is the ,step by step how to produce toilet cleaner and chemicals needed for
    the production. Space is not a problem as you can do this business in
    Air fresheners are consumer products that mitigate unpleasant odours
    in indoor spaces. They are used everywhere - rooms, toilet, offices,
    shop, cars, eateries, canteens etc. Air fresheners are very affordable
    and both the poor and the rich use them. The raw materials i.e the
    chemicals to produce deodorant/air freshener are available locally
    everywhere and are cheap. No costly equipment are needed to
    produce deodorant/air freshener; all the equipment you need can be
    improvised. You can start production with between N5,000 -
    Chalk is one of the fastest moving products in the market and how
    you can take your own share of chalk production business and profit
    immensely from the boom is what will be revealed in this e-book. The
    market for chalk is huge and the demand for chalk is on the increase.
    Available records show that tonnes of chalk are being used daily in
    this country. Gone are the days when Nigerians rely heavily on
    imported chalk. Due to availability of raw materials and ease of
    production, most of the chalk used in the country are now being
    produced locally and you too can be part of this lucrative business.
    You don't need any special skill to produce chalk; you don't need a
    university degree or licence; anyone can do this business. The only
    thing you need is the recipe and the step by step guide on how to
    produce chalk. You don't need training or seminar, in fact you will be
    surprise how easy it is to produce chalk. You don't need NEPA/PHCN
    light to produce chalk; you don't need generator whether there is light
    or no light it is not your problem.
    You can never be short of buyers and customers. Just think of how
    many consumers around - creches, nursery schools, primary schools, ,secondary schools, tutorial colleges, continuing education centres,
    private lessons, technical schools, higher institutions.
    Industrial toilet cleaner is used for removing grease, stains and
    chemicals on the floor and for washing toilet and tools. Industrial
    Cleaner production is a profitable business with low start-up capital.
    You can start with as little as N5,000. Industrial Cleaner is very easy
    to produce; all the chemicals and raw materials for production are
    readily available locally and affordable. This business can be done
    anywhere by anyone. No special skill is required the only thing you
    need is the step by step how to produce industrial cleaner and
    chemicals needed for the production. Space is not a problem as you
    can do this business in your backyard. No costly equipment or tools
    Wine is an alcoholic beverage, typically made of fermented grape
    juice or juice of other fruits. Wine is a popular and important
    beverage that accompanies and enhances a wide range of cuisines
    from the simple and traditional to the most sophisticated and complex.
    Wine is enjoyed by everyone and the market for it is huge. This is an
    opportunity for wise and smart investors, businessmen and
    opportunity seekers to fill the vacuum in wine-producing business as
    95% of the wine consumed in this country is imported.
    Consumption of wine is statistically associated with a decrease in
    death in due to cardiovascular events such as heart failure. Red wine
    contains polyphenols and these are thought to be particularly
    protective against cardiovascular disease.
    If you have been looking for a business you can start with little capital
    with huge turnover, this is the best business opportunity for you. This ,business I want to introduce you to is packaging. Packaging is the
    process of wrapping goods. It is a very lucrative business because
    almost all goods sold in the market are packaged to make it attractive
    to buyers. The demand for polythene shopping bags is on the increase
    and you should be part of this boom as a manufacturer or a supplier.
    Polythene shopping bags are not only used for packaging goods, they
    are also used by Banks, Eateries, Supermarkets, Pharmaceutical
    stores, Fashion houses, Textile stores to mention a few; the profit
    potential in this business is enormous.
    Ice Cream is a nutritious beverage taken by children and adults alike.
    It contains nutritive carbohydrate as sugar, fats, protein and minerals
    etc. Ice cream is enjoyed by both adults and children especially in the
    cities. It is however, consumed any time but more in the dry seasons.
    Ice cream is taken by almost everybody due to its sweet taste.
    This is one business you can do and make a lot of money within a
    very short period of time. The start-up capital is minimal and it can be
    done from home. You can start with less than N10,000 and the raw
    materials are readily available in the Nigerian market. The raw
    materials are cheap, the profit margin is high and that makes it a very
    lucrative business.
    If you are unemployed, underemployed or you are a job seeker,
    pensioner, retiree, opportunity seeker or you are simply looking for
    what to do to augment your income, then this is what you have been
    looking for; so don't look any further.
    It is painful when I come across graduates who complain they have
    been jobless for years. Some graduated six years ago some more.
    More painful is finally broke pensioners and employees struggling to
    make ends meet. Day in day out people complain of lack of jobs, but
    ,we only need to look around us and read between the lines. There are
    thousands of job opportunities around us which we see everyday but
    they mean nothing to us until the veil behind the gold in them is
    revealed to us. One of such easy-to-start businesses is repackaging.
    What then is repackaging? Repackaging is giving an already existing
    product a face-lift. Take for example you buy a 25kg bag of garri or
    salt you now refill the garri or salt into small and affordable printed
    nylon bags or sachets. The printed nylon or sachet carries your
    branded name. It's that simple using the locally fabricated
    repackaging machine and it is 100% legal.
    Do you know that big companies in food and beverage industry are
    now repackaging their major products into sachets? This is to let you
    know that there is a huge income opportunity in the business.
    Cadbury, Friesland, Nestle, PZ etc all have products in small packs in
    the market. And don't be afraid of these big names you are not going
    to compete with them. The market is so large and everyone is a
    It is your turn to take part in this business making quick cash. Even
    Mallams and local women who repackage under unhygienic
    conditions using spoons, cups, bowl and ordinary nylons make quick
    money selling nylon-packed garri, rice, salt, sugar, milk, detergent
    and the like. This opportunity is for all those who want to sack their
    boss and be on their own.
    The repackaging business is one with very quick turnover. This is
    because the items are repackaged into easy-to-sell sizes. The roadside
    Mallams running their small kiosk can confirm this. They sell very
    easily and fast too. Your business is only to buy in bags and
    repackage. You can repackage rice, beans, garri, sugar, salt, milk,
    ground pepper, palm oil, groundnut oil etc. The start-up capital for
    this business is minimal.,BUYING LAPTOPS FROM USA
    If you have been looking for how to buy cheap and durable laptops
    from the United States, then look no further. I know many Nigerians
    are facing this problem and after much research I was able to find a
    solution to this problem and you can now buy laptops from US with
    ease. Besides buying laptops for your own personal use, this is a
    business opportunity as you can become an importer of laptops. These
    laptops are factory-refurbished and are almost new. They also come
    with bags and accessories.

    You can start bringing in laptops from US like those guys at
    Computer Village. You will be able to buy any laptop of your choice
    from US and get it delivered to your doorstep here in Nigeria.

    There is no minimum or maximum purchase. You can buy one or
    more. In fact, if you can buy 50 laptops then you can become their
    agent in Nigeria and distribute laptops for them. The demand for
    laptops is on the increase and will continue to grow. So don’t be left
    Recharge card printing is one of the most profitable businesses in
    Nigeria today. Before this business used to be for the big boys alone, I
    mean people who can afford startup capital of up to N5 Million or
    more. You can now start this business from the comfort of your room
    with as little as N10,000. The subscriber base of GSM users in
    Nigeria is now close to 45 Million put together and it is on the
    increase which means more market and more money for you.
    You can do this business anywhere in Nigeria, whether you live in
    Calabar, Kaduna, Ibadan or Port Harcourt. Even if you live in the
    village it does not matter because GSM network is everywhere now,and people must buy credit and recharge their phones. The importance
    of communication can not be over emphasized.
    If you live in a community of N500,000 people, with effective
    marketing you can make over N200,000 monthly. Just look around
    you and see how many call centres are there. Almost every Nigerian
    now has mobile phone, some more than one. So the market is there
    and will always be there and couple with the fact that more GSM
    companies and other phone companies are coming into the market.
    You can earn 10 percent commission from calls made by GSM
    subscribers. You can make this 10 percent profit which runs into
    millions with no start up capital. Like I said earlier this business runs
    into millions but you can start with small profit say N50,000 –
    N200,000 monthly you can later increase your profit. Most people
    think this business is not real but it is real.
    This is how the business works. You will get a credit of between
    N50,000 – N10 Million upfront without paying for it. This credit will
    be given to you without paying a dime. At the end of the month you
    get 10 percent commission from the calls made by the subscribers
    who used the credit. Assuming the subscribers consumed N4 Million
    worth of credit you get 10 percent which is N400,000 for that month.
    What an easy way to make money. ,,

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