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How to make money printing recharge cards

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Abah Moses, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    The basic things you need to start printing recharge vouchers in Nigeria are:

    i. A Computer (Not necessarily connected to Internet and not necessary it should belong to you)

    ii. A Printer (Coloured or black & white)

    iii. Software that will be used in printing pin numbers on papers (this will be installed onto your computer) iv. Bulk pin (this, you will be buying from some major dealers)
    v. Access to Internet, either at a cafe or personal Internet (this is needed once in a while because whenever you pay for PINS, the major dealers will be send them to you through email, IRRESPECTIVE of which part of Nigeria you are).


    you too can be involved. There is a tool called "ORANGE BOX" which one of the major dealers will give out to you, for you to start printing recharge vouchers and start making your money. It is not necessary that the computer belongs to you because these softwares are secured with LOGIN features i.e your dealer will give you the Username and Password which you will be using in accessing the software on the computer you installed it to.

    The next step is to find a reputable major dealer to partner which will be ready to sell recharging PINS to you at a much reduced cost.

    There are many dealers out there from which you can be buying your Recharge PINS of ALL networks.

    You are going to be dealing with these major dealers and NOT DIRECTLY with MTN, GLO, ZAIN etc UNLESS you too want to be a MAJOR DEALER. Some of these dealers have websites while some DO NOT. If you are lucky to get those that have websites on the internet, you are good to go, though, you will be limiting yourself to ONLY these dealers that have websites.

    Once you find a major dealer to deal with, you will need to register with them:

    This is absolutely free. What it entails, is for you to be known to the dealer either by name or by other means of identification which will always differentiate you from other sub-dealers.

    Different dealers have different modes of operation. Some will require you to have access to computer and printer while some will not.

    Once you register with some dealers that require you to have access to computer and printer, they will have your email address and then tell you to install their software on a computer which is not compulsory to be your personal computer.

    Some dealers give out their software free of charge while some SELL their software.

    A coloured or black and white printer and plain papers will also be needed for the printing of the recharge vouchers. If you have just N10, 000 startup capital, it will make sense to patronize a dealer which will give out the company software to you free of charge. All that will be required of you is just to order for a minimum of 100 recharging PINS which will be sent to you, probably through your email address once your payment has been confirmed.

    Payments for PINS (vouchers are sold as PINS to the sub-dealers who need to print them) will be made to the company’s account number and accompanied by a text message stating how you want the PINS to be sent to you.

    You can always get your dealer account details from their website or through text messages once you contact them.

    Once you pay into the dealer’s account, go ahead to send them a text message for them to be able to confirm the payment as early as possible.

    Note that it is important you call the dealers to confirm if they have on ground what you intend to buy before going ahead to make payment into their account.
    Bulk order is very important in this business.

    The minimum order placement you can make is 100 units of any voucher denomination you want.

    Dealers sell PINS in 100s. You can’t pay and request for GLO 100 (99 PINS). Bit- by-bit orders are not allowed but you can sell in bits to your customers. In case you do not have access to computer or if you hate computers, you can patronize dealers who provide alternatives to computers.

    One of such dealers provides an orange box with which you can start your recharge voucher printing business. So far, I believe I have tried to enlighten you with the basics of this cool business and also how you can get started tomorrow.


    How many GSM call centers are in the streets of Nigeria?

    How many people use GSM phones in Nigeria?

    How many recharge cards are loaded by both individuals and GSM call centers?

    With these questions, you should know where I am heading to. Whether you believe it or not GSM has become an essential commodity in Nigeria. So what are you waiting for? For those who are ready to go into the business and start making extra income with a start-up capital as low as N10,000 contact me for the software if you are interested. to your success.


    Or order using fund in your account
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018

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