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How to Prepare Rice pancake

Discussion in 'Nigerian Foods' started by Abah Moses, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    R I C E P A N C A K E
    by Abah Moses


    -1 cup rice flour

    -4 very ripe bananas

    -100g sugar

    -Grated nutmeg

    -Oil for frying

    -Water for mixing

    -1 egg (optional)


    -Peel banana and put in a bowl, add the rice flour and water. Mix with wooden spatula to blend

    -Add sugar and nutmeg (you can also add your beaten egg)

    -Add the flour.

    -After adding the flour, you can add more water if necessary

    -Leave for 30 mins in a cool place

    -Heat sufficient oil to fry all the mixture and pour it into a bowl or cup leaving only a little in the pan

    -Heat the pan and pour mixture in spoonful. The mixture should flow and spread out like pancake

    -When one side is fried, turn other side and fry

    -Drain, and serve hot or cold


    -Whisk egg and milk in a large bowl, stir in the cooked rice, salt, pepper, onion (optional)

    -Spoon pancake shaped scoops of mixture into hot skillet until golden brown on each side

    - Then serve

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