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How To Track Adsense Ads via Channels

Discussion in 'Main AdSense Discussions' started by Andy, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    Ever stumbled upon URL and custom channels in your AdSense account? If not, you are missing out on a lot of knowledge that can help you grow your income.
    A) URL Channels
    URL channels ofer you a way to track performance of specifc URL paterns. They are powerful if you have a hierarchical URL structure.
    Just one example on how they work.
    The URL channel htp:// would track the performance of your whole URL.
    If your post URLs contain a category, e.g. “reviews”, the URL channel htp:// will track the performance of all the posts from this category.
    You could even track the performance for each post or page by setng up a URL channel for a specifc URL like htp://
    However, you can only set up 500 URL channels per AdSense account, so you might not be able to track every post.

    B) Custom Channels
    Custom Channels are a kind of grouped ads. Every ad can belong to up to 5 custom channels. Some ideas for channels:
    • group all ads displayed in a specifc secton of your site (e.g. blog, forum)
    • group all ads displayed in a specifc positon (e.g. header, sidebar, content).
    You can check the performance of your custom channels in your Performance reports to identfy well performing sectons and positons.
    However, the true value of custom channels is the ability to make them targetable by advertsers.
    If you allow a custom channel to be targeted by advertsers, they can book ads on your site directly. This can increase the number of ads that bid for a specifc ad space. It can also increase the level of non-CPC ads, meaning that you might increase your RPM with CPM based ads that don’t need clicks to generate income.
    Since setng up at least a few channels is rather easy, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.
    Best practce: for beter targetng, the ads within one custom channel should appear on the same spot. When setng up targetable channels, always think about the perspectve of an advertser that might want to buy ads on your site.

    I have provide a tool that can make it easy to track your adsense ads for wordpress users.
    You can download the AdSense Channel Generator plugin from the resources secton. You can fnd the link below

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