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Messi will not be given special treatment in Barca's salary cut policy

Discussion in 'Football/Sports Discussion' started by Andy, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    Lionel Messi will not receive special treatment in the salary-cutting policy that Barcelona will implement to help the club through the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, said interim president Carles Tusquets.

    Tusquets warned that this policy must be carried out because Barcelona suffered financial losses during this pandemic. Barcelona is currently chaired by an interim council following the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu from his position as club president and Tusquets hopes new presidential elections can be held around the Christmas period.

    For now, negotiations are still ongoing with Barcelona's players to try and cut wages that are currently the highest among European clubs. "I think we can reach an agreement. It seems to me that there is a will to do it. We don't want to take money from anyone, but adjust salaries so we can pay them whenever possible - this is the solution we think is the most feasible given the current situation, "said Tusquet as quoted by Goal on Tuesday (03/11).

    "We can not make an exception for (Messi). We can make a different structure for similar cases, but we can not make special deals for individuals." "We intend to resolve this issue with all staff and all employees and we will do everything possible to make sure everyone is satisfied." "Depending on the money available, we know that our income will fall by around 300 million euros (approx. , 10 trillion) if we can't open the stadium. Even if we can, it won't be fully open this season, "he added.

    "I'm not going to go into specifics about Messi because we have to finish negotiations first. All I can say is there is a willingness from Messi and his representatives. " Barcelona is the club that spends the most money among European clubs to pay their players.

    "There is no reason to hide the fact that Barcelona's salary is the highest in Europe, but I want to look to the future and today I am with (Ramon) Planes, (Ronald) Koeman and (Oscar) Grau, and I congratulate them on the courage to bet on young players, not many have that much courage. " "We are in the top ranks when it comes to wages, that's about 70 percent of the total club budget and that's a lot, but we are working to get to it."
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