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Step Opening Us Bank Account

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Andy, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    You have to open a new Bank Account with a different bank which is not associated with you banned AdSense account. For everyone living in the US, apply for a new bank account at a trustworthy Bank near you with the appropriate ID documents, if your old bank account included your middle name make sure when you complete the application form that you don’t include your middle name and visa versa. Don’t use your home address open a PO Box for the account mailing address and have the mail forwarded to your real address.

    I use usa2me.com and myus.com

    It’s not a secret for people who don’t live in the US it can be very difficult to open an account there, due the strict enforcement of the anti money laundry regulations. However, there is an easy way to obtain an account. I opened a real bank account in the US using Payoneer and Etrade

    Opening a payoneer account just takes the
    same process as opening any user account on
    any website online. Payoneer which can be
    said to be the best alternative to paypal, has
    made it easier for Nigerians to receive their
    foreign payments right here in Nigeria without much process or problems, unlike paypal that even up till now, Nigerians have still abandoned it.The payoneer services allows you to receive payments in dollars or even pounds, its like you having a US or UK bank account. Then the Payoneer Card serves as ypur ATM. So cool right.In getting your own payoneer card, the whole process is quite an easy one. First of all sign-up for a user account at Payoneer.com. Just wait a while till your account is approved, once it is approved. Your payoneer card will be shipped to your home address in which you can then use the card to withdraw your online earnings. Testimonies from friends that have applied and signed up have all received their own payoneer card in at least 3 weeks from the day they were approved. This means that it should take at least 3 weeks before the payoneer card will arrive at you door step.

    How To Apply For The Payoneer Card Here In Nigeria
    1. Visit the Payoneer Link via
    www.payoneer.com and sign-up, the sign-up
    is free
    2. Fill in all required details asked, such as your name, address and other stuffs correctly.
    3. Also set a very strong password, security questions and upload your desired Identification information, ID required.
    4. Enter your desired shipping address, where you want the card to be delivered at, it could be your home address.
    5. Finally you can now click on the ORDER
    6. Wait a while until your application is
    approved; Approval should not take more than 2 weeks maximum.
    Immediately your application is approved, an email notification will be sent to you
    containing information on when and how the card will be delivered.
    What is left? Its time to wait while the card is shipped to your address, which should be in a maximum of 3 weeks (all logistics being put in place). Immediately the Card is delivered to you, login to the Payoneer website, to activate the card. After activation, the card is now ready to use
    which means that you can now send and
    receive payments with it.
    How To Fund Your Payoneer Account
    Your payoneer account can be funded in
    different ways, you can ask a user to transfer money to you, by telling the user your card details.
    Also you can fund it by linking it with a
    PayPal account and transferring funds into it.

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