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Top 10 Fiverr alternative

Discussion in 'Help, Niches & Tutorials' started by Andy, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    Here is a list of the Top Fiverr Alternatives. To maximise your successes you should post your gigs to as many of the following websites as possible.
    In our opinion, this is one of the top 5 Fiverr alternatives. It was pre-launched over at Warrior
    Forum and all over the web, so the site has got some of the best gigs for internet marketing and is still growing on daily basis. The gigs are not fixed at $5 like Fiverr, but can be set to $2 (ideal for automated gigs or simple tasks), $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 ,$75 and $100. You can also think about creating high quality jobs for a few more dollars in your pocket. For example a good gig for $75 tag can be the creation of a blog with niche on request, or $100 if you plan to include a domain name. Or again $25 for a lifetime membership with a PLR product a week, or any good SEO job like backlinking, commenting and so on. Two curious areas of this site are: BHW Special and Digital Point Special, two categories in which you can find famous products on one side and cool gigs by the other.
    GigBucks is the second biggest fiverr clone in our list, and it has slightly different
    characteristics to most of the clones and Fiverr. You are paid 82% of your gig price, so you get $4.10 on each $5 order and so on with the bigger amounts (just $10, $15 and $20 in this site). The most interesting categories for Freelancers are: Programming, Website Design and Writing. Probably this is a great site solution for all the gigs requiring a bit more work to complete. Another last option is that you can pay to have your gigs featured, so that your gig would be at the top of the category it belongs to. This creates a lot of exposure for your gig
    3 TenBux
    TenBux is a well designed website, which allows you to sell your gigs for $5 or $10. This is probably the best solution for people who wants a little more for their gigs, because lets face it sometimes the $5 tag is too low for some jobs, especially because you only actually receive $4. So you have the option to choose the $10 tag instead of the $5. The categories are simplified to just 10, with one for “marketing” and the other standard categories – though there is one for postcards.
    This is a brand new website where the gigs cost just $4, and the sellers get the entire amount
    without paying fees to Fourerr. That’s one of the few websites getting no fees and it’s getting alot of attention but it is still only $4.The most curious categories are: Virtual Assisting, Appointment Scheduler, Charity Fundraising Donations and Task Runner. You can get good sales on this website, so it’s a good idea to post a few new offers.
    GigMe5 uses a different approach with their customers, because it doesn’t show categories on the home page - so if you need a gig it is better to search using your targeted keywords on the search form. It shows just a “Gig Cloud” inwhich the most searched terms are shown. To make withdrawal, the minimum funds you need to get payment is .$15, so if you are not able to do get alot of sales, you can’t get your money. But this is not our case
    6 UpHype
    This wbsite is huge, with over 380 pages of gigs available and growing day by day! The gig’s
    prices are odd compared to the competitor’s ones. They are just $8, $16 and $24. The categories are good for every internet marketer, and especially the Backlinks, Blog Writing, Eblasts, Web Banners and many other sub-sections. UpHype is worth a subscription, as you can get alot of orders.
    7 Tenyt
    Tenyt uses a personalised theme for the site and has great usabilty. It calls the gigs “twigs”,
    and they cost just $10, no more and no less. Twig’s categories are just the same as in Twitter. This is a good freelancing platform for anything you want.
    8 IM Gigz
    This is the Fiverr clone for internet marketers, created by Shane Nathan, a famous internet
    marketer and Warrior Forum member. This needs to be your first aim in case your gigs are all connected to internet marketing. The gig prices start from $2 and go to $5, $7, $10 and a few “internet marketing prices” like $17, $47, $67 and $97. There are 24 categories which contain daily gigs connected to online marketing, offline marketing, social marketing, backlinks, forum commenting and even more. This is absolutely the greatest Fiverr ever for internet marketers
    9 FittyTown
    Another good source to expand your gigs is FittyTown, but the bad side is your gigs needs to be powerful and reasonabl hard work because the gig price is $50 each. So instead of 100 Facebook Like, you need to sell 1000, and so on. The good thing is this market is growing on daily basis, and now there are over 1360 gigs on over 68 pages. The categories are standard, except the “Papers and Homeworks”, good for lazy students, “Fitness”, good for sport enthusiasts and “Books and Ebooks” really good for selling MRR and PLR ebooks packages.
    10 10Den
    In 10Den everything costs $10. It contains 14 categories, pretty similar to Fiverr’s ones.
    The good thing is that this website has been around for a year, and this is the first sign of quality. Currently it has over 440 gigs posted but it is growing.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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