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What Every Blogger Should Note About Spam

Discussion in 'Webmasters, Graphics and Programming' started by Andy, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Andy

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    Jul 21, 2017
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    Things every blogger should know about spam
    There are many things that a web designer should know as ultimately one web designer becomes a blogger occasionally. If not a blogger, he or she would at least be a blog commenter. Hence, to keep something in your knowledge you should know what you are doing is correct and won't harm you or your reputation in future.
    1. You heard of Email spam but how about Web spam?
    You have seen many emails coming through as spam day by day. And there is a constant increase in numbers day by day receiving such spam emails. Either those emails create awareness, or either they are meant to make you buy products or services. In any case, such spam emails wants to you visit their site and pay. The same way you must know about web spammers. There are people, who get banned from many networks as they keep on posting spammed comments on third party blogs.
    2. Web spammers are different from Email Spammers.
    Email spammers want you to receive email, read email and they also want you to visit the website to buy their products or services. Web spammers operate in a different way. Here, they come to your blog or someone's blog and submits irrelevant information or something that is a sort of advertising. They play tricks in commenting. They may start with something related to your blog post but enters something that is showing something else in the end.
    3. Web spammers are free advertisers.
    They always want you to see something that they want you to show or sell. They themselves are no good doing SEO for their website. Nor they have enough budget to spend doing SEO for their business website. So what they actually do is, they come to your blog and start putting their advertisements in your blog commenting section. But they don't know when their domain gets banned permanently.
    4. Backlinks looters and collectors.
    People often come to your blog and does various comments that are heard very commonly. Mostly, they would be like 'very nice article' or 'very nice post' or 'thanks for sharing'. You should watch it carefully that how much time they are staying on this page. Are those comments genuine? In just seconds they fill out the comments and go away. They put their website links and thus they create unethical backlinks from your blog in just few minutes.
    5. Consciously they also employ subconscious and ignorant spammers.
    Many offshore Asian countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh where employment rate is very low they employ people in mass to do blog commenting and blog posting. One or the other way, this is again blog spamming.

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