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What Is Web Hosting?

Discussion in 'Webmasters' started by Andy, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Andy

    Andy Drug Lord Jr.Vip

    Web hosting has many different answers. You can replace "Web" for online and "hosting" for a provider that ensures that you are available online.

    You can be online with a website, an application or with a server. Web hosting in any form is nothing but space on a server.

    In the case of a website, this space is filled with a CMS (Custom Management System), WordPress is an example of this. You can fill the CMS with images, texts, products etc.

    The different types of hosting are described on this page.

    What types of web hosting are available? A decade ago the question "what is web hosting" was a lot easier to answer.
    At that time you had your own server (dedicated server) or a shared server (shared hosting), and the speed was not really dependent on web hosting, but more on the internet connection. Now the offer is much more diverse and the speed is indeed dependent on the hosting company and no longer on the internet connection.

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    -Shared hosting Shared hosting is the most advantageous way of hosting. It doesn't mean anything else that you share a server with other websites (for applications it is less suitable).

    There are many misconceptions about shared hosting, this is due to the large differences in quality. Some hosting companies offer it for less than 1 dollar per month. These servers often have many sites and the capacity for your website is limited.
    This often results in a slow website and regular downtime. Fortunately, there are also hosting companies that offer excellent shared hosting.

    These companies limit the number of websites on one server and actually look at what websites are on the server, if these are spam websites they will be deleted. In addition, they often work with backup servers, so your website is almost never offline. If you have a limited budget and do not immediately expect thousands of visitors, then shared hosting is a great choice.
    Pay attention to quality and invest a few euros in quality. Personally, I am very satisfied with Bluehost , the support and the speed are excellent.

    2. VPS hosting
    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is also a shared server, but the layout is completely different compared to shared hosting. In the first place, there are far fewer websites on a VPS, normally no more than 15 to 20.
    The big difference between shared hosting and a VPS is the distribution of the server. With a VPS you are assigned a fixed part of a server. So if one server is 150 GB in size and has 15 GB of RAM, it is distributed evenly. So if there are ten customers, everyone has 15 GB of space and 1.5 GB of RAM. If a customer uses too much capacity, the websites go down and the other customers do not notice this. Another advantage of VPS is the scalability.
    If you get more and more visitors you can easily expand. You then claim a larger part of the server by buying more RAM and / or writing space. Of course there are large differences in quality in the VPS market. It starts with 10 euros and ends with hundreds of euros per month. With a VPS of 25, - euros you often go a long way or you must have more than 50 000 visitors per month. If all goes well you also have enough income to spend more on hosting. Namecheap hosting and Bluehost are both affordable and reliable providers.

    3. Cloud Hosting
    Cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting.
    There are providers who make no distinction, but there are indeed differences.
    Where a VPS distributes capacity evenly, cloud hosting does not do this, it checks which website or application needs capacity and which does not. It is therefore a very dynamic form of hosting and can ensure extremely good performance. In addition, you have much less problems with possible DDOS (a method to overload the server) attacks. The moment one server is attacked, the capacity of other servers is requested. Cloud hosting therefore always consists of several servers, otherwise you speak of a VPS
    Cloud hosting is mainly used by multinationals, Amazon and Google are the largest providers. Dedicated server On a dedicated server you are not bothered by other websites, the only websites that are on this server are yours.
    You must have a lot of websites / traffic if you do not want to be able to work with one dedicated server. Because you have access to one complete server, you are very flexible with regard to the layout. For example, you can go for a Linux server or Windows server. A disadvantage of this flexibility is that you have to understand server technology, in most cases the server is “unmanaged”, which means that an operating system, a security system and a server admin must be installed. A time-consuming job if you don't know it. You can, of course, learn and there are countless "how to" YouTube videos about it. If you don't feel like doing it yourself, you can go for a managed server. The above matters will then be arranged. Of course there is a price tag here, again it depends on where you put the priority.
    Conclusion on what web hosting is, I hope I have given you some answer to the question "what is web hosting"? It is a fairly technical subject and most people do not pay too much attention to it. The Indian hosting companies, in particular, are taking advantage of this. Often these companies buy a few servers from large companies and resell them to the unsuspecting customer who then pays too many years. Therefore always try to purchase the hosting directly at the source. The companies mentioned here belong to this type. Finally, only you can determine which hosting best suits your situation. If you are a beginner and you want to try some things, then you can start with shared hosting.

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    People who have been online for some time and have nice visitor numbers should at least consider VPS hosting.

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