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You can now make money with tiktok

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Abah Moses, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    YouTube used to be a place to drop fun and relevant videos. Ultimately, it has become a platform where video makers can make a living. It has ensured that the quality on

    YouTube has increased tremendously over the years. TikTok also wants to go that way by having creators make money.

    Famous video makers on TikTok now mainly make money with sponsor deals, but the Chinese company also wants to help makers directly .

    TikTok has therefore set up a fund and pumped $ 200 million into it. The money is intended for content creators in the app. TikTok says creative creators who want to make a living from making videos can make a throw at the fund.

    That $ 200 million will be distributed in 2021. The fund is expected to be supplemented with new money over time. Of course there are a number of requirements to qualify for a TikTok salary.

    Your content should appeal to a wide audience. The company does not specifically disclose how many followers you should have, but speaks of a loyal group of followers.

    The content must also be safe to see for all ages and the creator himself must be at least 18 years old. Just like YouTubers, there are now also TikTok makers who have built a career on the popular Chinese app. Unlike Vine, TikTok seems like a keeper now that you have the opportunity to make money. Join Here

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