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You can actually make plenty of money online with your skill as a graphics or website designer. Below I will be sharing 11 Digital product you can create yourself sell and make money online at ease.
1. Website Templates
HTML templates are hot products that are on demand for web developers. if you can design a unique design you will get to sell to web designers in need for it and make plenty of money at ease right from comfort of your home.
You do this according to your usual routine:
  • You design the design
  • You then convert it to an HTML & CSS template
  • You sell the package with all files
Programmers love HTML templates. This way they can bring their genius code to life in beautiful designs. And not everyone wants to use WordPress either.
2. WordPress theme
WordPress theme
Examples of ready-made WordPress themes. The numbers behind the stars are the number of sales in the last month. The Avada theme has sold over 23,000 copies in the past 30 days for $60!
WordPress is popular and as a web designer you probably know that too. You can take advantage of this by converting your HTML and CSS design into a WordPress theme.
You will not only benefit from the high demand for WordPress themes, but you can also sell your design for more money than just HTML & CSS.
If you approach this smartly, designing, selling and maintaining 1 or 2 WordPress themes can even give you a complete business . There are plenty of themes that are sold more than 1000 times a year for 60 dollars or more.
Side-note: WordPress themes do need to be updated regularly to conform to the code standard. These themes will also lead to more support requests from your customers.
3. Email Templates (this one is GOLD)
Example of an email template package with notification emails
When I was working as a web designer myself a few years ago, one of my biggest clients was an email marketing specialist. For this I have created hundreds of email templates. This was almost full time.
I dreamed about email templates back then.
Every day I saw how effective and important email marketing is. Then I realized that there are so many more companies that can and want to use these templates.
At the time I made 2 packages with 5 templates each. Tested with .PSD files and HTML & CSS for Mailchimp, among others.
Took me a total of only 4 days to make.
Then I set up a simple sales page with the offer:
  1. A separate template package for 15 dollars
  2. And a combo deal of both packages for $25 dollars.
Per month I had an average of 15 sales on the combi package and 10 sales for the individual packages. Gained me over $500 a month extra for more than 1.5 years.
4. Social Media Images & Templates
Images and templates for social media are also ideal to sell as a digital product. Especially if you design these for specific niches.
Popular social media templates are:
  • Facebook headers
  • Facebook post templates
  • Instagram post templates
  • Instagram story templates
  • YouTube cover
You can sell these through various platforms. See here the overview of these platforms.
5. Icon sets
Icons are increasingly used. To reinforce text or in the navigation of websites and apps. There are therefore many icon sets for sale.
You too can create and offer your own sites. The following also applies: Focus on niches. Create sets for specific niches. This is how you distinguish your icons from the rest.
6. Banner templates
Banner templates are also still in demand. There is still plenty of advertising and banners are needed for that. And not every company or website has custom banners.
If you do want to advertise and don’t have your own banners yet, such a banner template package is perfect. Many affiliates also use this type of banner for their promotions.
So create packs in different styles with the popular ad sizes. 
7. Photoshop or Sketch Add-ons
This is for the more technical designers among us. If you know Photoshop/Sketch inside out, you can create add-ons yourself and export them.
You can then sell it so that other designers can apply a certain effect in 1 click.
8. SVG vectors
SVG vectors are becoming very popular right now. Instead of images, we are increasingly working with vectors. This way, the images are always scaled super-tight to the user’s resolution. Also, they load much faster than most images.
If you act on this now and start offering popular things in an SVG vector, you can really make good money as a designer.
9. Logo Templates
Not every company or project has the budget to have a custom logo made. Certainly not during the initial phase.
Logo templates are a godsend for such projects. Ready-made logos where only the name needs to be changed.
Web agencies and website builders also make extensive use of this. This way they can provide every website with a logo.
10. Backgrounds and textures
High quality backgrounds and textures are always a pleasure for designers to work with. It can give your design that little bit of extra flair.
11. User Interface & Web Elements
Again a product that you as a web designer can put together in no time. Complete user interfaces or purely separate elements.
  • Form styles
  • buttons
  • Badges
  • sliders
How You Can Sell These Digital Products Yourself
The first step is making the product. Step 2 is to sell.
You can tackle this in several ways:
  1. Using your own sales website
  2. Using platforms
Your own sales website
For example, your personal portfolio or your company website. You create a nice landing page here with your offer. You then link a payment system so that your products are automatically delivered after payment.
Using platforms
If you are going to sell your products through platforms, you will immediately benefit from their traffic and customers. You usually pay a percentage per sale, but you get a lot in return.
Some platforms you can use:
  1. Graphic River
  2. Creative Market
  3. Design Cuts
If you have any question or suggestions please drop them below.