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8 Ways You Can Make Money Online

With the rise of the internet, the world is at everyone’s feet. You no longer have to do boring work for a boss, but you can let your creativity run wild. Over the years, There have plenty of ways you can now make money online. Diffrent stuffs you can do online that allow you to be your own boss, earn a lot of money and above all enjoy financial freedom.

I have taken time to study almost all online business that can fetch money for you online. So you dont need going in to research again on which online business that you can choose from. You will find all relevant information about which one works in this article. I have listed the best online ways you can do to make more money, so that you can immediately make the right choice for yourself. regardless of which online business you choose; the (digital) world is at your feet!


1. Make money online by starting your own online store.

You can make plenty of money online by starting your own online store. If you have a product you wish to sell, you can just create an online store put up images of the products you are selling and set up Facebook ads for it to drive in customers and sure its a great way to making money online right from comfort of your home.

2. Make money online via Afiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the most interesting Ways you can actually Make Money Online. This is mainly due to the ratio between risk taking and the money you can earn. Or rather; the lack of risks and the endless possibilities to earn a lot of money.

With affiliate marketing you actually work together with advertisers. You get the ‘right’ to promote products from the advertisers. These products can be promoted via, for example, reviews, via your blog or your social media channels like facebook page or group that you run. The goal is to make them buy these products or sign up with your affiliate link. Depending on the affiliate network, if its a CPA affiliate program you are paid per sign up or per action of either email entering of up to $5. There are plenty of them like crackrevenue, MaxBounty, commission junction, click bank etc. All you need is little money to running ads, landing page, email, domain and hosting and the right knowledge. This is one online businesses I take very serious. This can put up to $100 plus a month and depending on your effort you can make up to $2k plus monthly or more.
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3. Make money online as a freelancer

Another Good way to make money online is via freelancing yes, if you have a skill you can create a profile on freelancing sites like up work, Freelancer, fiverr, microworkers, iwrier etc where there are people willing to pay you for your skill. For example if you good with content writing you can set up a profile on upwork and sell your skill to persons ready to buy. You can make between $500 to $3000 per month.

4. Make Money Online via Dropshipping

Another sweet ways to make money online is via dropshipping. Here you don’t need to own the product, first look for an advertiser who can dropship and signup with him then all you do is create a fan page for the product and collect orders from your buyers and get to order the product from the drop shipper who in turn does the delivery while you sit and make your profit say a product cost $70 you can tell your buyers it cost $100 and make $30 easy right??

5. Make Money Online by offering digital services

This is one quick way you can start making money online. Yes and its also another of my favorite that puts at least 100k to 200k in Naira Each Month all from comfort of my small room. There are plenty of things you can offer to people that are in need of it and you make lot of money online yes! Say for example you can create active facebook pages with links and sell them up. There are plenty of market for it and others like sells of twitter accounts, Google ads account, bing ads account, Facebook ads account and yes you can think of designing websites, designing logos and the like, offering social media marketing, offering search engine optimization and offering writing web texts.

An absolute advantage of this is that there is/remains a continuous demand for such services. The world of e-commerce has been growing rapidly for several years now; this growth is expected to continue in the coming years. So, with such an online business, you should definitely be able to achieve a lot of success.

It is of course necessary that you deliver quality, that you keep to agreements and that you work hard. Making money online (unfortunately) does not work by sitting back. Regardless of which method you choose from this article; you have to work hard to get the desired results!

6. Make money online selling training courses, courses and/or e-books

Aside the above one way also you can earn fast and quick money is by selling training courses, courses and e-books. By offering such online products, you can build a nice source of income. It is also good to know that this is a fairly passive form of income. After all, you only have to write the e-book once or develop the training only once. Each student who then signs up for your course brings in money.

7. Make money via SAAS

Another way you can make money online is to develop your own software package. You can then sell this software package to other (digital) entrepreneurs for, for example, a monthly amount. The requirement here is of course that you must have a lot of knowledge and that you must be creative. After all, many software packages and programs have already been invented.

8. Make Money Developing apps

Finally, you can make money online by developing apps. You can place these apps in the Android and iOS stores, where you can use a certain amount. If someone wants to buy the app, he has to pay an x ​​amount for it. As your app is purchased more and more often, the revenue can increase considerably.


Also you can place ads on your app and make money. Google run ads for apps known as admob which pays per click on ads shown on your blog and pay can be up to $5 per click so imagine if you get 100 click by $5 that’s it!

Which of the above have you tried?

Its now in your court! Pick one or two from above and give it your time.