Information Marketing is one business you must give involved in. I make money alot from this business as well as many other people. This strategy has made as much as N50,000 to N100,000 for me in a single day. In fact if there is any area in this business that you want to start but you are considering finances then, information marketing should give you a good start.

3 Reasons Why Information Marketing Is The Best Business In The World

1. No other business provides the revenue, flexibility and lifestyle that information marketing provides. Much of the work is home-based, part time and requires very little start-up costs.
2. Because there is such a demand for information products, anyone can use their own expertise to create a million dollar business within 12 months or less. Information marketing is an emerging and ever-growing field made up of knowledgeable and marketing savvy entrepreneurs who
package their expertise into convenient forms such as DVDs, books, ebooks, CDs, magazines, websites, teleseminars, webinars, coaching programs, seminars and conferences.
3. There is a market for creating an information marketing business for just about every topic you can think of.

The Profits In Information Marketing
Information Marketing is a business that can make you massive income. It is the best so far when it comes to selling things. As far as i am concerned and even many other marketers would tell you it is the best and easiest way to make money because as long as there is a problem that people needs to solve, you will always make money. This business is sweet.

For example If you want to make N200,000 in 30 days All you need to do is to create a product and and sell it to 100 people at the rate of N2000 each. I tell you if you do an advert in a business newspaper like Punch, SDE, Sun,complete sport and others you will get more that 100 buyers in your first week.
I remember last year December, I looked for a hungry niche in Nigeria and created a product around that niche market. This was in December when people were saying things are hard. Guess what? I went on to make about N1 million in less than 20 days right here in Nigeria. Infact in one particular day I made over N105,000 in one single day over and over again. Ever since then I have made money over and over again.

One problem with many Nigeria is that they want to make dollars!… Make money not dollars. Money is money no matter the currency. I would rather make N150,000 weekly than make $500 weekly.
That may sound strange because i have seen people who act as though it is better to make $500 than N150,000. In this report i will show you the hidden millions in the Nigerian market and how to tap into it. So for once forget about the dollars. Just think of making cool cash thats what matters most.
I will show something that you can do now and by the end of this week you would have been at least N50,000 Richer. If you will only apply what you will learn in this report then making money will never be a problem to you again. Never Alright, Lets begin

How To Start A Successful Information Marketing Business In Nigeria
There are some keywords that i want you to note:
Start = That means you must start something
Successful = Success here means you help people solve their problems and they in turn make you richer
Marketing = You will have to sell something. The more money you will make will be dependent on how much problems you can solve
Nigeria = We are focusing on selling to our own people here in Naija!. That means nothing concerning paypal nor clickbank will be discussed here.

Information Marketing simply means selling information. But this time you are selling it at a price.
For you to be a successful information marketer, you need to know what to sell and what people need. Like for me, I just don’t sell anything. It would be a complete waste of time to sit down and write something for 22 hours and then put up a site on it, pay for adverts only to discover that people are really not interested. So what is my secret? Well there are no secrets. Just simple principles and that i want to share with you.

[1] Find A HOT Market That Needs Your Help:
The most important part in this business is not copwriting, or sales letter or not even the number of people that will buy your product BUT the most important part is to find a hungry market. This is the secret to a successful information marketing business both in Nigerian and abroad. Once you know how to find HOT markets probably you will make money over and over again. The first thing is to know what people want not what they need, like the guru always tell us.
An information product on how to cure aids for example will sell faster to student than how to pass your jamb. Why? The first one is a want, the second is a need. But whatever the case is you would need to develop your ability to always find out the wants of other people if you want to make serious cash.

Let me give you the four step approach of finding a hungry market
[1] Start From Your Interest:
Yes, the first way to find a hungry market is to find out what you want. What are the things that interest you. That should give you an ideas because it means that many other people may also be in need of that same thing. For example if you are into Forex Trading, you will always want to know some more strategies on how to avoid losses, the best forex trading software available in town. That should tell you that there are many other people out there who also want that thing. So sit down and write like 5 things that are of interest to you or that you desperately need now.

For example,
[a] You want to start a business but you don’t know how to get loans from bank that is a market already because many people have that same problem.
[b] You are a young man suffering from masturbation. that is a problem and many reasonable people will want to stop that.
[c] How to determine the sex of your child: Even me that i am not planning to get married will buy it
[d] How to make ANY girl fall in love with you .[This one will sell like crazy]. See a similar site at: I am sure that many of you would even want to buy that material.
So the first way to find a market is to look out for what is of interest to you and write it down.

[2] What Is The Current Problem?
Please stop thinking problems. Think solutions Right now real estate business is booming,betting portal is booming,what of entertainment industry But yet many Nigerians are completely ignorant of the fact that they can make massive money buying and selling lands. So? You find a way [i will explain that later] and come up with a product on how to make money from real estate in Nigeria. I guarantee that you would make sales.

Already I have stated like 6 markets that I am assuring that you will make money
from. So you better Get to work.
[3] Read News Papers and Attend Seminars: Start buying newspapers and be reading them. Attend seminars. You will start getting ideas upon ideas. For example i just revealed like 6 markets that you can sell to in Nigeria. If you sell to each of them and you make a profit of N500,000 per market that would be a total of N3 million for all of them. So plus or minus you would have made a profit of at least N2 million this year alone. Another thing you can do and this is the best. Yes the best among the three that i
have just mentioned is to:
[4] Sell what is Already SELLING:
That is something i love so much. Did you notice that a particular advert has appeared like two or three times consecutively in a newspaper? That means it is selling very well. What you do is to buy the product,ask the seller about the resale right, make a twist of it find ways you can make it better and come out with it. You too will make sales. Sell what is already selling! Period. If you still need me to explain that then you are not ready to run a successful information marketing business.
Some More Thoughts:
The success of a product will be determined by the how much people need the products AND also by the number of people who needs it. That is a great truth. How much do people need the product? And then what is the number like that needs the product? If 20 people just need a particular product, no matter how desperate they need it you might not make millions from them. But 10,000 people needing it is a great sign. Ok, I have Found A Market What Next? Good question. And I will discuss that in details from the next page.

Creating Your Own Product!
After you have found a market. The next thing is that you will have to create a product around that market. Before i continued i just remember another good niche that you can target and that is on: “How to register business name”.A lot of people need help on that. So once you have found market what next?
Well there are two things involve. If it is market that you already have the solution then you will simply need to go ahead and put the solution in an ebook format. But if it is a market that you don’t have a solution for, what you can do is to look for someone else that is selling such product, buy it, read it and look for Resale rights or private label rights and add then to it. Create a unique product. Tomorrow I will talk about HOW TO CREATE A BESTSELLING PRODUCT IN 7 DAYS OR LESS I will come up with the details tomorrow so keep an eye on this blog.