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Make $400/Month With Admob

WHAT IS ADMOB ? Admob is a mobile advertising company that profits app creators for placing in ads in their mobile app.


Admob don’t give away paying app creator earning. They pay app creator for placing Google ads on their popular app to promote business who pays money to Google for advertisements.

Google is the most visited site in the world and the most popular site in the world. Most people prefer advertising on Google since its the most popular site which can generate enough traffic for their business.

How Much Do Google Pays to Publishers? GOOGLE PAY USING DIFFERENT METHODS:


THEN WHAT IS ADMOB SELF CLICK ? Admob self clicking a process which we earn money by clicking our own ads in our apps. App creator make use of this process to steal money from google.

Most app creator have been trying out Admob self clicking process and got banned by Admob. This is because we know about Admob self clicking but didn’t learn how to use it in an advanced way, using this trick wouldn’t get you detected by Google. Google is a very secure Company since its make money transaction to not afford any lost. Their security detect when you are self clicking on your ads.

How To Bypass Admob Security And Start Self Clicking ? Self clicking is a legit way of making money but the problem is that we always get cut. Lot of people also earning money from self clicking without getting banned, this is really working and money makers who try this skim too. Admob Do not detect spam on their system like adsense. AdSense is very secured and we can hardly self click on their system.

This the main reason why lots of people moved to Admob self click.

If you want to really earn from Admob then you visited the right place of getting advance click on Admob without been cut. Don’t skip every words are written for a reason.

How to start advance Self clicking on admob: Starting advance clicking method on admob self click requires times.

You don’t have to be a in rush. Surely you are definitely going to earn some money.

Many people who use this trick earned a lot of money from Admob and yet still no banned. I shared this method to my friends and it still working Admob can never detect this trick. Make sure you follow each steps and start earning money today.

This Admob self click kit is an advance trick for you to start clicking without been sent a message of been getting banned from Admob, am suppose to sale this advance self click kit but am giving it free for now.

I don’t want you to get banned, because it bad, so don’t be in a hast in making money take this process slowly and earn money without been gotten cut.

Admob is really paying don’t thinks this a sort of a scam, it’s real but you have to get a premium VPN.


VPN is known as a virtual private network. You need to purchase a very strong and secured vpn.

Without having a strong and secured VPN, Admob will detect you clicking your ads and am sure you wouldn’t want to get banned.






This vpn work well on self clicking but you have to purchase them they are very cheap or you can trade stuff with your friends for a premium VPN

2. IMPRESSION: Before you start clicking on Admob you need to have alot of impression. Impression simply means somebody viewing on your ads. Google uses this method to detect self clicking on Admob usually apps users hate seeing ads, so if you have much click without much impression then you are in big trouble with Google.

HOW TO CREATE IMPRESSION: Creating impression is very easy. Open VPN and your app make sure you are connected to a strong and secured VPN, after entering into the app, refresh the first banner page. Move to the interesial ads then only view on the interesial ads, don’t click on them, this process is going to help you create impression on your app.

Impression also help you to increase the high CPC on your Admob account. Must time the reason you get banned is because of we don’t practice this process.

Always keep your VPN connected because you don’t want to blow your cover so be careful.


After generating lot of impressions you are gonna start clicking.

Move to your mobile phone setting clear your app data and you can always remember too clear your VPN and browser data. reconnect to different country using your VPN Country like USA , UK pays higher than any other country so I recommend you connecting your VPN to country that pays more hire.

Open up your app move to interesial ads, make sure that you haved generated a lot of impressions.

Don’t use chrome browser as your default browser because this will make google easily detect you clicking since Google monitors chrome browser cookies which help them to know where your clicks are coming from


Firefox browsers

This browsers won’t get you cut by Google anti community


Click on the first interesial Ads that pops up. After installing the browser you will be ask to select the browser you desire remember don’t use chrome use the browser you have downloaded.

After visiting the URL, spend at least 2 mins on the website this will make Google think that you really are engaging in the site.

You can also play around signing up for the site if it require signup. You can exist the site and go back to your app after spending up to 2-3 mins on the site.

Create several clicks on different ads but be careful not to click lot of ads. Don’t be in a hast each click what around 2-5 dollars on Admob from country like UK, USA, and more

Download the Admob App here:

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