5 Ways To Make Money Online As A Photographer

Photography is becoming a very competitive industry, where it is difficult to break through. Still, there are ways to monetize your photos.
There are even options that you may never have considered. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best options for you, including tips that can help you make your photos valuable.
Where do you make money online as a phographer?
The internet is a magical place. You have endless possibilities when it comes to setting up your own business.
Also in photography you have many options to earn an extra pocket money. Here I will dish out the best options for getting started on your computer at home.
Sell Photos via Stock Photos
Stock photos are images that are ‘in stock’. These are licensed by an image bank, and then bought by advertising agencies, newspapers, websites, and so on.
One of the biggest advantages of image banks is that they do most of the work for you.
Once you have a collection of good photos, all you need to do is upload them. Your photos can then be purchased worldwide. You don’t have to make any effort yourself.
There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your collection:
  • Target a niche. There are tons of stock photos out there, so you’ll increase your chances by choosing a subject that isn’t in large quantities.
  • Keep an eye on current trends.
  • Take authentic photos that are not too posed and stiff.
Then you will have to find the right platform to put them up for sale……There are several of them that attract a large audience, and each has its own advantages. For example, when choosing, consider the rate you will receive, the license and the exposure you can receive as a photographer. Check with yourself what is most important to you, and look for a suitable image bank based on this.
If you like to make as much money as possible, I recommend Shutterstock. You will receive a fair rate, which starts at 20% of the selling price.
If you’re going for the exposure, iStock is a good option. Here you receive 15% of the sales price of a photo, but no less than 1.5 million people have access to your collection.
Monetize Photo via blogging
Blogging is a great option if you want to make money online with your photography. If you create an exciting and refreshing blog that attracts a lot of visitors, you can make good money with the help of advertisements.
Google Ads is one of the most popular and easiest ways to get ads on your website. However, also try affiliate marketing, where you promote products from a certain company and receive a commission for it. You can use Amazon, Jumia etc with links to cameras for sale using your affiliate link.
To gain ground  with blogging try to regularly post high quality content. Photos are therefore perfect for a blog, because they add a visual element to your content. Popular ideas for photography blogs include tutorials, photo equipment reviews, or a behind-the-scenes look at your shoots.
Don’t forget to link your Instagram in your blog. This will allow readers to see even more of your photography, and you will gain more followers.
Finally, work on your SEO skills. This makes your blog easier to find in a search, so you can expect more visitors.
Monetize via Freelance work
There are several freelance platforms where you can look for freelance photographer jobs. You can create a profile on these sites, so that potential customers can see what quality they can expect from you.
The most popular freelance websites are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. These websites do ask for a percentage of your earnings. However, don’t let this put you off. There is a lot of work to be found, and in many cases you can set your own rates.
Make Money Editing photos
Besides taking photos, are you good at editing them? Then you can get started as a photo editor. This means that you retouch photos and possibly ensure a good layout of the work. Photo editing is a growing market as more and more people want their photos edited. That is the influence of social media at work.
You can also go to the freelance websites for photo editing. There is generally a high demand for this type of expertise. Make sure you show in your profile what you can do with photo editing and photoshop.
Finding work as a photographer online
Your online presence also lets you know locally that you’re available as a freelance photographer. For example, with your online portfolio you can attract customers who would like to hire you. Below we give you some inspiration to find new customers online.
1. Offer your service to small businesses 
Small businesses need professional images to profile themselves online. This is where you come into the picture!
Search the internet for businesses near you that can take advantage of your services. Keep in mind that every kind of business needs an online presence these days, so it doesn’t matter if it sells whatever.
Contact the entrepreneurs online and send them a link to your online portfolio. Then discuss the importance of photos in promoting a business.
You can indicate your prices on your portfolio, so that potential customers know immediately if they are interested. Make sure your price is lower than the professional photographers, so you attract the customers with a lower budget.
2. Newspapers and online publications
Seeing your photo in the newspaper is an enormous boost for your self-confidence, and also provides a lot of brand awareness. Contact Newspaper ask them if they will need photos of events around them.
Of course, you can also do this process the other way around. For example, are you at a demonstration, and were you able to take good pictures? Then you can ask a newspaper if they are interested in the photos.
Online publications are usually a lot more specific than newspapers because they have a narrower target audience. For example, find bloggers with certain interests, and contact them if they can benefit from your work.
3. Create Portraits. Immersing yourself in a particular type of photography can help you stand out more easily on the internet, which can help you get more clients. Portraits are a great option here, because people are always looking for a nice picture of themselves. Think, for example, of the annual Christmas card or social media.
Because many people are no longer looking for a studio photo, but prefer to pose in a natural environment, it is no longer necessary to have a studio as a portrait photographer. What is important is the right equipment.
Think of the appropriate lenses and accessories to be able to make a portrait.
Portraits may sound a bit uninspired, but this definitely doesn’t have to be the case. The options for portrait photography include:
  • Fashion
  • Family
  • Pregnancy
  • Pets
  • musicians
  • school photos
  • Sport
Good portraits can be incredibly impressive and a great addition to your online portfolio.
4.Check Events
From weddings to company outings – events need to be captured. That’s why it’s the ultimate opportunity to position yourself online as a freelance photographer at events.
Another thing to consider is that events give you the opportunity to acquire new customers. Visitors like to see themselves in the photos you take, and will therefore ask for a business card.
In addition, your photos will be distributed by the organizers on social media and websites, giving you that extra promotion. You can agree in advance with your customers that they mention your website when sharing the photos on the internet.
5. Teaching and make more money
Your expertise in photography is valuable, so why not make money teaching it to others? There are several ways to do this, one of which is a workshop.
If you’re promoting your photography workshop online, don’t forget to include the details on your website or social media post. For example, think of the location, the duration, the maximum number of people that can participate, the price and which topics will be discussed. Don’t forget to name the target audience. Is your workshop for beginners, or for those interested in architecture photography?
Another way to convey your wisdom is to offer an online course. For example, this could be a series of videos where you explain from A to Z how to take the best photos, how to prepare for a photo shoot and what equipment you need. This is accessible and easy to follow. In addition, you only have to work on it once, and you can offer the course online for a long time.
You can also indicate on your website and social media that you give private lessons. With this you earn more money than with group lessons, and you can really go in depth with your student.
If you have talent and passion for photography, there are tons of ways to make money online.
Stock photos are a good option here, because you don’t have to put in any effort to promote your photos. You can also find jobs as a freelance photographer at freelance sites, where you can determine your own rates.
Use the internet to promote your services. This way people find out about the options you offer. From portraits to workshops, everything is possible with the right online marketing.
Make sure you have an attractive website where your portfolio is presented. where you can offer prints of your photos. 
Your website is the business card of your company, so make sure it’s in good order. In addition, you can earn extra money by promoting products through affiliate marketing. 
Make sure your website gets enough visitors by applying SEO.