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The blogging world isn’t all about text, but a lot is. You constantly have to find new ways to keep triggering your reader, to keep them following you. And that new potential followers know where to find you. That your articles are also shared. All this can be quite a challenge. However, these 6 tips for better blog posts will get you a long way.

Why you want to write better blog posts

Continuing to renew yourself contributes to the goals that you have undoubtedly set yourself as a blogger. Good content can contribute to:

  • Position yourself as an authority on a particular subject. With this you position yourself and your blog and this ensures a loyal group of fans, which will only expand.
  • You also create more traffic to your website by publishing good content. Readers will share your content faster and Google will see your website as increasingly valuable.
  • Are you a business blogger and do you blog, for example, to market your webshop? Good content can ensure that people value your product, service or brand more strongly and mention it more often in others.

And then of course you have side effects . If people see you as an authority in a certain area and you recommend a product related to it, they are more likely to buy it. If you play it smart, this can give you extra income – for example through affiliate marketing. However, don’t take this as a basic goal, focus on the good content in the first place.

1. Keep it short & clear

Your blog post can be quite long (especially if SEO is your goal, Google loves in-depth articles), but make sure that the paragraphs are short. Leave space between short paragraphs and use bullets where possible. In a world where we are all busy, busy, busy it is essential that an article can be scanned quickly. Intermediate headings also make a major contribution to this.

2. Spend more time on your title

Nothing is more important than a good blog title! People should be triggered by this title to click through to your article from Google/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/RSS readers. Without a good title you are already 3-0 behind.

3. Write with purpose

Always keep your intended goal in mind. If you want your DIY blog post to be shared a lot on Pinterest, make sure you have a catchy image. If you want more traffic from search engines, make sure you optimize for the right keywords and not for keywords that are barely searched for. The Google Keyword Planner can help you with this.

4. Don’t be a slave to Google

This sounds like a bit of a contradiction to someone who is totally addicted to all things SEO. Although you can go a long way with optimizing your texts with creativity, you can also go a step too far with article writing for search engines. Disturbing for your visitors & Google is also aware of this. Good content should be the foundation. Yes, also for Google. And since Google regularly changes its algorithms, it may well be that what you optimize perfectly now will meet all the requirements less next year. So let the basis be the substantive strength of your subject.

5. Add multimedia

Research has shown, and my own experience, that articles with custom images and videos contribute to reader engagement. The right images are shared more often on Pinterest, good videos do great on Facebook and infographics are shared a lot on Twitter (and Pinterest too). You will also notice, check your Google Analytics account, that visitors usually stay longer on richly filled articles.

6. Respond to current events & relevance

Nothing is more important than following the trends and news of your ‘blog industry’. Play on this! Making money blogging is currently a recurring discussion topic and responds to this with relevant articles. Are there new tools or apps that you can use as a blogger, certainly does not want to share this last. Are you a Entertainment blogger? Immediately after the Grammy arwards, write a blog post featuring the Grammy Awards.

Do you have any additional tips, what helped you write better blog posts? Leave a comment below.