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The ad sense family|7 Facts About Blogging7 Facts About Blogging

Today Blogging is more popular than ever and more and more persons are diving into it each day. However here are 7 Facts About Blogging you should note.

1. The length of a message does matter. Research shows that blog articles with more than 1,500 words get backlinks and are shared faster. Use background information & quotes to give your articles more body.

2. The credibility of a blog is based on two things: quality content and good design.

So don’t skimp on a good theme and look for the right mix between quality and quantity.

3. Blogs get the most traffic on Monday mornings . Publish your posts on Monday mornings to get more views. Most messages are shared on Tuesdays, so take advantage of this too.

4. Articles with more images are shared faster. Do not only place an atmospheric image with your blog articles, but also think of screenshots, graphs and infographics.

5. Blogs that post daily generate an average of 5x more traffic than blogs that only post once a week or less. Use free moments on the train, on the toilet, in the dentist’s waiting room and on the couch to write.

6. More writers on one blog means higher credibility. Look for guest bloggers! ( note to self , anyone interested?)

7. Recognize the power of social media ! Blogs with more followers on social media get more backlinks and therefore more traffic. Invest time in building a fan base on various social media.

Get To work! Incorporate these blogging facts into your blogging strategy and you will grow without a doubt.

PS These figures come from national and international surveys. Surfing.